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Chicago People’s Thanksgiving raises funds for Fight Back!

By staff |
December 4, 2012
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Anti war activists Amy Meyers and Pat Hunt at Peoples Thanksgiving
Anti war activists Amy Meyers and award recipient Pat Hunt at Peoples Thanksgiving celebration (Photo by Roger Beltrami)

Chicago, IL - The 20th Anniversary of People’s Thanksgiving was held here Dec. 1. Sponsored by Fight Back! newspaper, it included awards to a number of groups and individuals who had played prominent roles or waged big fights in Chicago this past year. 100 activists, including friends of Fight Back! and their families, gathered to celebrate what they are thankful for: another year of struggle and progress for the people. Together they raised almost $2000 to help publish Fight Back!.

Kait McIntyre, an activist with the Anti War Committee of Chicago and a member of Freedom Road Socialist Organization, which publishes Fight Back!, reminded people of all the wars that the U.S. is waging - in Afghanistan and Iraq; interventions such as the funding of armed opponents of the government of Syria and the drone war in Pakistan; and the U.S. military, economic and political support for Israel’s occupation of Palestine and recent assault on Gaza. “Join us as we take on Chicago’s Boeing Corporation, the second largest arms merchant in the country, the second largest maker of drones, and the main weapons manufacturer that produces Israel’s air power,” she said.