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Indiana workers rally, sit in to fight anti-union ‘right to work’ law

By staff |
February 22, 2011
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Indianapolis, IN - More than a thousand rallied in the capitol building here, Feb. 22 to protest an anti-union ‘right to work’ bill that had been advancing through legislative committees. Workers holding signs reading “Stop the war on workers” also joined a sit-in at the entrance of the state senate chamber.

‘Right to work’ laws are common in the U.S. South. These laws destroy unions and undermine the rights of workers.

Another bill pending in the Indiana legislature would curtail the rights of public workers to engage in collective bargaining.

As in Wisconsin, Democrats have left the capitol and there are reports that they are now in neighboring states.

Business as usual at the Indiana state legislature has come to an end.

Across the U.S. big corporations and the politicians who represent them have launched an anti-union offensive that has sparked massive waves of worker resistance. Wisconsin is the center of this resistance, as tens of thousands of workers and students are demonstrating on a daily basis and have occupied the state capitol building in Madison.