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PFLP blasts U.S., European powers for ongoing catastrophe in Palestine

Statement by Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine |
May 22, 2010
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Fight Back News is circulating the following statement from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

PFLP: International complicity maintains the continuing Nakba against our people

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine recognizes, on the 62nd anniversary of Al-Nakba, that if Nakba is the usurpation of land; the displacement of our people; violence, carnage and terror; the replacement of the original inhabitants of the land of Palestine with settlers and the theft of their heritage; and the violation of their right to self-determination amid the silence and complicity of the official Arab order and the international community, then it continues today throughout occupied Palestine. Nakba is land confiscation, home demolition, the building of settlements, the brutal siege and aggression upon Gaza, the Judaization and Zionization of Jerusalem, the policies of ethnic cleansing, racism and apartheid and the attempts to obliterate the collective memory of the Palestinian people and Israelize its population.

Furthermore, the PFLP considers that the Nakba - the crime committed by Zionist terror gangs 62 years ago, declaring the Zionist state on May 15, 1948 on the ruins of the Palestinian homeland and atop the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination like any other people on their national soil - could not have occurred, spread and continued without the blind and unlimited support and complicity of the European colonialists and U.S. imperialism.

The Front affirms the political and legal responsibility of the Zionist movement and its state, and its colonialist and imperialist allies, to implement the return of all Palestinian refugees to their original homes, as required by international resolutions, including UN Resolution 194. Furthermore, the Front reaffirms its complete rejection of "resettlement" of Palestinian refugees; the right to return is inalienable, it is a sacred national, political and legal right that cannot be traded or bartered away by any authority. Furthermore, the PFLP demands the protection of the civil, social and economic rights of Palestinian refugees in their countries of asylum, including the need to continue the role of the UN Relief Works Agency for Palestinian refugees, and rejects all attempts to weaken the international responsibility for UNRWA and Palestinian refugees' current situation.

Furthermore, the Popular Front calls on this occasion for the Palestinian leadership to end its reliance and dependence on the fraudulent promises of the U.S. government, including its decision to resume the so-called indirect negotiations, and calls upon our people and our social and political forces to mobilize all efforts to end the insidious and devastating Palestinian division that damages our people and our rights. This power struggle comes at the expense of confronting the occupation and prioritizes factional interests at the expense of the supreme national interest; it is urgent that the national conciliation document (the prisoners' document) and the results of the comprehensive national dialogue be implemented. We must build our national institutions on a democratic and inclusive basis in order to restore unity and reinforce the steadfastness and resistance of our people in the struggle to defeat the occupation and settlements and achieve our freedom, return and independence.

The Front renews its covenant to the martyrs and the Palestinian people to continue resistance until victory, liberation and return!

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine