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Network to Fight for Economic Justice: ‘March on May Day’

By staff |
April 14, 2010
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Fight Back News Service is circulating the following statement from the Network for Economic Justice.

March on May Day!


The Network for Economic Justice (NFEJ) is calling all members and affiliated unions and groups to mobilize for the May 1st immigrant rights marches and rallies across the U.S. Hundreds of thousands of working people, mainly Chicano/Mexicano - but all sorts of working people who want justice - will be out in the streets with signs and chants demanding “Legalization now!” and “Stop the raids and deportations!”

We need Congress to pass a just immigration bill. 12 million undocumented workers should have the right to come out of the shadows. Then children can stop worrying about their parents’ work places being raided and whether or not their parents are carried off to detention centers.

Unions and community groups are mobilizing their members. By marching in the streets on May 1, we can force the U.S. Congress to pass a just immigration law. We can stop the heavily armed Homeland Security forces from dividing up even more families. We can build a better society with equality and fairness.

A strong showing on May Day will be a blow against corporations that are trying to drive the process around immigration laws. The corporations want cheap labor and big profits. They want “guest worker” programs that deny rights to immigrant workers and put super-exploitation into law. Sadly, some unions are going along with this too.

Many politicians are pushing bills that mainly benefit corporations and the rich, while doing little for immigrant workers. Most politicians want to ignore the movement and give their corporate masters something they call “comprehensive reform.” Their “comprehensive reform” means “stick it to the little people” -- add more barriers and punishment for people who haven’t done anything but work hard at low pay. Obama promised immigration reform, but it is clear we need to demand it now, not later.

There are two sides to this issue. One is the side of the corporations; the other is the side of the working people. The business bosses love it (and make money) when native-born and immigrants talk against each other. Don’t let the corporations win. May 1 is the day to come together and demand a decent life for all working people.

May Day started in1886 when Chicago workers, many of them immigrants, struck for the eight-hour day. Some died fighting for what is right. Now on May Day, workers march and celebrate in every country, understanding that those who labor down the street and across the globe are their brothers and sisters. May Day is a day for unity, where workers of all nationalities can support each other. Since 2006 in the U.S., the May Day theme is “Fight For Legalization Now!

So get your union, community, housing, welfare rights, or student group and bring them down to the big marches. Bring your flags and banners! Make your own signs for “Legalization Now!” and “No Guest Worker Programs!” We have a world to win!

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