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Dallas Peace Activists Demand an End to FBI Harassment

By staff |
December 7, 2010
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Dallas, TX - A group of Dallas peace activists held signs and passed out flyers outside the Earle Cabell Federal Building Dec. 3. to demand that the FBI end its harassment of peace and solidarity activists in the Midwest and cancel the grand jury now investigating those activists under the USA Patriot Act.

The protest was organized by El Centro College Students for a Democratic Society and the People's Lunch Counter. Protesters came from as far away as Denton. 

The police presence was heavy. Eight Dallas police officers massed on a corner opposite the protesters, including a detective from the so-called criminal intelligence unit. Dallas police cruisers circled the block, many of them with officers of the so-called Federal Protective Service, which guards federal government buildings, riding alongside the city police.

The protesters say they will be back, and that they are in the process of building a wider movement in the city against FBI repression.