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University of Minnesota Student Activists Facing Suspension

By University of Minnesota Students for a Democratic Society |
November 5, 2009
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Jerry Reinhart, Provost of Student Affairs – 612-626-1242
Sharon K Dzik, Director of Student Conduct – 612-624-6073
Robert Bruininks, U of M President – 612-626-1616

Fight Back News Service is circulating the following statement from Students for a Democratic Society at the Twin Cites campus of the University of Minnesota.

Suspend Overpaid Administrators, Not Students

Call to support the members of SDS at the University of Minnesota

Because of our action at Convocation '09 we are now facing individual charges up to suspension and revocation of our degrees. We ask for all of our supporters, all supporters of free speech on our campuses, and all those that support the right to education to call and tell the University of Minnesota that SDS members should not face disciplinary charges for our actions at Convocation. The Office of Student Affairs is threatening all members of SDS saying we are responsible for stealing the banners used in the action, improperly using the space, and that we were disruptive to a closed university function. We question all of these claims.

First off the banners that we used were found, and were clearly NEVER going to be used by the university - they articulated outdated goals & campaigns and outdated fashion! Secondly, we believe that the building and event that we interrupted was in need of some perspective. The event is traditionally meant as a rallying point to make incoming students blind to the excesses of the university administration. Our banner drop highlighted to students for only a few minutes the hypocrisy of an administration that is raising tuition while receiving free housing and enormous salaries.