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Chicago: Confronting Israel War Supporters

by staff |
July 19, 2006
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Counterprotest in Chicago
Rally against Israeli attacks on Lebanon and Gaza. (Fight Back! News/Staff)
Counterprotest in Chicago
Counterprotest in Chicago
Counter-protesters chanted, “Israel out of Lebanon, Israel out of Palestine!” (Fight Back! News/Staff)
A supporter of Israel’s attacks (center) is confronted. Zionists came over to the anti-war rally to disrupt it. (Fight Back! News/Staff)


Chicago, ILIn a racist defense of Israel’s attacks on Lebanon and Gaza, the Jewish United Fund rallied here July 17 at the Federal Plaza. As the heat index hit 111 degrees, the Palestine Solidarity Group and other organizations gathered to challenge the Zionists and to oppose Israel’s actions.

The confrontation reached the boiling point as Zionists attempted to disrupt the anti-war rally. Palestinians and their supporters stood face-to-face with the bullies, who were forced to retreat to the Plaza.

Gihad Ali of the Palestine Solidarity Group helped organize the counter-protest, and led the crowd in chants of, “Israel out of Lebanon, Israel out of Palestine!”

The Arab and Muslim community organizations will follow this with a noon rally on July 22 at the Tribune Plaza.