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Jose Sison - Liberator, Not Terrorist

by Mick Kelly |
October 16, 2002
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New York, NY - More than 50 people rallied at the Philippine consulate, Sept. 21, to protest U.S. military intervention in the Philippines. One of the demands raised was for an end to U.S.-orchestrated moves against exiled progressive Filipinos, such as Jose Maria Sison, who have found refuge in the Netherlands. The U.S. State Department has falsely charged that Sison, a key leader in the fight to create a just society in the Philippines, is a 'terrorist.' As a result, the internationally known scholar, poet and founding Chairman of the Communist Party of the Philippines, has had his personal bank account seized and lost his housing. The possibility exists that he may be extradited to the United States. A worldwide movement is being built in his defense.