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Ventura Budget Hit

by Deb Konechne |
April 2, 2001
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cardboard box encampment outside Governors office
(Fight Back! News/Kim DeFranco)

St Paul, MN - Members of the Welfare Rights Committee construct "Venturaville" out of cardboard boxes and tarps, in front of Governor Jesse Ventura's office, inside Minnesota State Capitol building. Low-income people slammed the Ventura's anti-poor budget proposal.

Leaders of the W.R.C. and the Student Association for the Advancement of Children as People (SAACP) for an end to the 5-year life time limit on public assistance.

A statement from the Welfare Rights Committee declared, "The welfare provisions in the Governor's budget are a recipe for homelessness and disaster. We will fight the administration every step of the way."

To contact the Welfare Rights Committee, call 612-822-8020,