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Colombia Action Network Leader Speaks to D.C. Protest

by Jess Sundin |
October 1, 2001
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This is a photo of Jess Sundin.
Jess Sundin of the Colombia Action Network (CAN). (Fight Back! News/Staff)

Washington, D.C. - Jessica Sundin, of the Colombia Action Network, spoke at the Sept. 29 protest, "There are over 100 of us here from Minnesota, and we are the face of the anti-war movement. With us, we have Palestinians, Afghanis, Latinos and African Americans, and we are led by students. We've got to unite to fight against this war and end the racism here at home. The Colombia Action Network has been fighting for years to oppose the U.S. military aid to and involvement in a brutal regime in Colombia. It is one of the many crimes around the world for which the U.S. bears responsibility. Every year, thousands die in Colombia by U.S. paid-for weapons. In Palestine, hundreds of thousands are plowed down by U.S. paid-for tanks and machine guns. In Iraq every month 5,000 people die. This is the case around the world. While we grieve the loss of people in New York and D.C., we refuse to forget the deaths of our brothers and sisters around the world. From Colombia Action Network, we ask you to join us in saying, for Colombia, Afghanistan, and the Middle East, we demand justice, we demand peace!"