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U of Iowa Students Slam Sweatshops

by Mick Kelly |
April 4, 2000
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Iowa City, IA - March 27, students marched on the house of the University of Iowa's President to protest the use of sweatshop labor used to make clothing with the U of I logo. They demanded the University drop out of corporate-backed Fair Labor Association (FLA), and join the pro-labor Worker's Rights Consortium.

University officials say they will not drop out of the FLA, but will consider joining the Worker's Rights Consortium. The school's official human rights advisory board, the University Human Rights Committee, favors leaving the FLA.

There is a rising tide of activism on the part of U of I students, who have strong backing from the local labor movement. The massive anti-World Trade Organization protests in Seattle added fuel to the fire. The many events and protests here are part of the growing national movement that insists on breaking all ties with sweatshop labor.