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Palestine: Massacres Met By Uprising

by staff |
November 1, 2000
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The ongoing massacre of Palestinians, by the U.S.-backed Israeli government has sparked demonstrations across the country. Protests have been held in Detroit, Chicago, New York, Minneapolis, and many other cities.

Clashes took place throughout Palestine following an attempt by war criminal Ariel Sharon to visit the Muslim holy place Haram al Sharif. Known throughout the Middle East as the "butcher of Lebanon", Sharon was accompanied by nearly 1000 Israeli security forces.

At press time, Israeli forces and armed Zionist settlers have killed more than 100 Palestinians - including many children and teenagers. Helicopter gun ships and rockets have been used against Palestinian demonstrators.

Israel's policy of killing unarmed protesters has intensified and spread the Palestinian uprising.

A flawed "peace process" provides the backdrop for the ongoing battles. Palestinians are concerned that Jerusalem, along with most Palestinian land and the right of refugees to return will be lost.

In a protest held in Minneapolis, Oct. 20, Steff Yorek of Freedom Road Socialist Organization told the demonstrators "peace will remain a dream as long as Israel occupies a single inch of Palestinian land."