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Weigh In Against Five Year Limit

by Mick Kelly |
October 1, 2000
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Minneapolis, MN - The Minnesota Welfare Rights Coalition has issued a call for all progressive organizations to sign a declaration against the five-year limit on welfare. It is reprinted below.

A statement from the Coalition noted "The passage of the Federal welfare law in August 1996 marked the greatest attack on the safety net for poor families in 60 years. The most disastrous part of this welfare law was the imposition of a five-year lifetime limit on federal public assistance for families in need. The time limit hits our entire families, including our children."

"We call on all organizations and people of good will to take a stand against this unjust law. Throughout history there have been laws that promoted slavery and discrimination, inequality for women, as well as many other injustices. The tearing up of the social safety net for children and families in poverty is one more cruel, inhumane law that must be opposed," continued the statement.

MN Welfare Rights Declaration:

   We the undersigned are opposed to the five-year limit on welfare for families in poverty. Cutting welfare from children and families in need will bring about devastating poverty, hunger, and homelessness. We call on elected officials at the state and federal level to restore the social safety net and stop this time limit. We call on our elected representatives to put a time limit on poverty instead of on welfare. What families need are living wage jobs, health care, education, affordable housing and childcare.

MNWRC organizers urge groups and individuals who wish to add their names to the declaration to call the coalition at 612-822-8020 or write:

Minnesota Welfare Rights Coalition
310 E 38th Street #207
Minneapolis, MN, 55409
[email protected]