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Activist of New Raza Left

"We hope to plant the idea of revolution..."

by staff |
October 1, 1999

 Los Angeles, CA - The following speech was given by an activist of the New Raza Left at this year's "Farce of July" event.

First and foremost, we would like to thank the coordinators of today's event for providing this space to resist this so-called holiday (the Fourth of July) that is celebrated here in Aztlan.

We are proud to be here as representatives of the New Raza Left. We would like to share with you some thoughts on who we are and why we feel it is important to resist this disgraceful and shameless holiday.

Basically, our organization came to be as a result of a need for a collective of a diverse group of people which represents workers, students, organizers, artists, educators, critical thinkers that are radical/leftistas working towards revolution.

In our perspective, independence does not constitute the oppression of people, the incarceration of youth or the marginalization of people of color or the denial to higher education or the exploitation of the worker. So how can the U.S. today claim to be celebrating independence when we don't yet have it?

Today's holiday is a mere fabrication that is inconsistent with historical and social realities of people of color. It is a facade perpetuated by the educational system that indoctrinates this holiday and allegiance to this country into the minds of our children.

Therefore, as a New Raza Left, we hope to plant the idea of revolution in the hopes that it grows in all of us for the purpose of liberation, and that we not only question this lie, this so-called independence, but we mobilize to overthrow the systems of oppression. Our vision is to some day overthrow the capitalist system we live in. We will be working everyday of our lives towards a new society at peace with our environment, at peace with our spirit and ancestors, and at peace with the work we will leave behind for future generations to take on.

Our plan of action has been to work in solidarity with communities that are Spanish-speaking, that are "immigrants," working class, woman, which are normally isolated from the movement, acknowledging issues that are important to them by serving as facilitators between bureaucracies set up to silence potential political allies. In the words of Paulo Freire, "The revolution is made neither by the people for the leaders, nor by the leaders for the people, but by both acting together in unshakable solidarity."

In solidarity and struggle,
Compañeras en lu lucha,

NRL, Califas, Aztlan