Tuesday March 26, 2019
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BY Brad Sigal | Hudson, WI | 2/19/11
Hundreds of workers protested Feb. 19 in this town on the border of Wisconsin and Minnesota to “kill the bill” that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is trying to ram through.
BY Jacob Flom | Madison, WI | 2/19/11
55,000 people - workers, students and their families - occupied the Wisconsin State Capitol Feb. 19 against anti-union legislation. It was the sixth straight day of protest.
BY Freedom Road Socialist Organization | Wisconsin | 2/17/11
The workers in Wisconsin have risen up in opposition to Republican Governor Scott Walker’s attempt to end public sector unionism in the state. These workers deserve the support of all trade unionists, students and all people of conscience.
BY J Burger | Wisconsin State Capitol | 2/17/11
Thousands of people are filing into the Capitol Building to protest Governor Scott Walker’s Budget Repair Bill. As of noon today, the Capitol is full on all floors and more just keep coming.
BY J Burger | LaCrosse, WI | 2/17/11
On Feb. 15 over 400 workers, community members and their supporters mobilized in less than six hours to say no to Scott Walker, governor of Wisconsin as he showed up to speak at local plant. The governor had just proposed a ‘budget fix’ bill that would radically alter the political landscape in Wisconsin.
BY Saladin Muhammad | North Carolina | 2/17/11
Resistance in the U.S. to attacks on the public sector is growing. Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin is unleashing a major assault, seeking to take away collective bargaining rights from state and possibly all public sector workers, including threatening to call out the National Guard against worker resistance.
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