Saturday February 24, 2018
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BY Brad Sigal | Puerto Rico | 10/30/17
In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria’s devastation in Puerto Rico, the Puerto Rican Teachers Federation (FMPR, for their initials in Spanish) has been warning for weeks that Department of Education Secretary Julia Keleher was going to use the crisis as an opportunity to try to close hundreds of Puerto Rico’s public schools.
BY staff | San Juan, Puerto Rico | 10/27/17
Eulalia "Laly" Centeno talks about the danger of the government using the crisis of Hurricane Maria to impose massive school closings and privatize public education in Puerto Rico - as they’ve tried to do for years but have not been able to because of resistance from teachers and the community.
BY staff | San Juan, Puerto Rico | 10/26/17
Mercedes Martinez was interviewed on Oct. 22 in San Juan, just over a month after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico. Martinez is president of the Puerto Rican Teachers Federation (FMPR).
BY staff | Rio Grande, Puerto Rico | 10/24/17
This is an interview done on Oct. 22 with Noelanie Fuentes, vice president of the Rio Grande Local of the Puerto Rican Teachers Federation and a social studies teacher at Liberata Iraldo Middle School.
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