Saturday July 4, 2015
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Student Movement

Kas Schwerdtfeger | Milwaukee, WI | 11/03/09
Over 100 students marched and took over the chancellor's office at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Oct. 29, to demand the resignation of...
Fernando Figueroa | Gainesville, FL | 11/01/09
A group of about 150 people, including farmworkers from Immokalee, Florida, students and community supporters, rallied on Oct. 24 to fight for better...
staff | United States | 10/31/09
As students and youth across the country prepare for the Nov. 10 day of action for education rights, Fight Back! interviewed student activists to discuss...
Charla Schlueter | Berkeley, CA | 10/27/09
Over 600 activists gathered on Oct. 24, for a conference to organize against the statewide education budget cuts.
University of Minnesota Students for a Democratic Society | Minneapolis, MN | 10/26/09
Because of our action at Convocation ’09 we are now facing sanctions against our SDS chapter.
Jacob Flom | Milwaukee, WI | 10/20/09
Since the near collapse of the banking system, Americans have paid billions to banks that are now making record profits. Meanwhile, students, workers and...
Kati Ketz | United States | 10/10/09
In a day of action organized by Students for a Democratic Society, October 7 saw dozens of protests across the country against the Afghanistan war on the...
Daniel Ginsberg | United States | 10/01/09
Student anti-war activists across the country are preparing for the Oct. 7 national day of action against the war in Afghanistan.
Josh Sykes | California | 9/29/09
Thousands of union workers, faculty, undergrads and graduate students across the University of California system stood up and said “no more!” to the...
Eric Gardner | Los Angeles, CA | 9/26/09
The fall quarter started off with a bang across the University of California system, Sept. 24 as thousands of workers, faculty, undergrads and graduate...