Saturday October 16, 2021
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BY staff | Minneaoplis, MN | 10/08/11
The official kickoff rally started at 5:30 p.m. As people poured in after work, the crowd swelled to more than a thousand.
BY Carolyn Riccardi | New York, NY | 10/02/11
In a city of nine million people, protesters aren’t supposed to shut down a major traffic artery on a Saturday afternoon. But on Saturday, October 1, Occupy Wall Street did just that.
BY Carolyn Riccardi | Wall Street, New York, NY | 10/02/11
On October 1, Occupy Wall Street continued to grow and attract support from new sectors. Thousands marched, and the NYPD arrested more than 700 protesters on the Brooklyn Bridge. These photos show some of the spirit of the occupation and the march, before the NYPD's mass arrests. All photos by Carolyn Riccardi.
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