Saturday October 16, 2021
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BY staff | Minneapolis, MN | 10/21/11
Seven people were arrested as over 100 people from OccupyMN protested outside of U.S. Bank Plaza, Oct. 20.
BY B.J. Murphy | Winston-Salem, NC | 10/17/11
200 people demonstrated on the sidewalk in front of the Bank of America branch in Winston-Salem on Oct. 15.
BY Masao Suzuki | United States | 10/16/11
Across the country, the movement sparked by Occupy Wall Street has caught fire. This movement, identified by the slogan, “We are the 99%” targets the 1% of rich and powerful who are running the country for their interests and profit, at the expense of the rest of us who face high unemployment, lower wages, soaring tuition costs, home foreclosures and lack of affordable health insurance.
BY staff | Chicago, IL | 10/15/11
More than 4000 marched here tonight as Occupy Chicago moved from its occupation of La Salle Street (the banking center of the city) to Congress Plaza on the edge of Grant Park. Organizers intend this as a permanent home for the occupation.
BY Kosta Harlan | Raleigh, NC | 10/15/11
Over 1000 people gathered on the State Capitol grounds today, Oct. 15, as part of the Occupy Raleigh demonstration. The rally lasted four hours, as speaker after speaker stood to denounce the budget cuts and austerity measures being forced upon working people of North Carolina.
BY Linden Gawboy | Minneapolis, MN | 10/15/11
At this writing, dozens are risking arrest to defend protesters’ rights to have safe and warm shelter for overnight stays at Occupy Minnesota.
BY staff | Boston, MA | 10/15/11
Many of the 141 arrested on October 11 were brutalized or later mistreated in police custody, but later released on civil charges.
BY Chris Getowicz | Minneapolis, MN | 10/15/11
Over 50 students from around the state gathered at the Occupy Minnesota site here, Oct. 13. They came together to speak to the struggles of students burdened by crippling debts, challenged by inequalities and struggling to get an education in a system corrupted by corporate interests.
BY Mike Gold | Milwaukee, WI | 10/15/11
More than 3000 people marched here, Oct. 15, as a part of the Occupy movement, which began about a month ago on Wall Street in New York.
BY staff | Raleigh, NC | 10/14/11
Close to a thousand people are expected to mobilize for a mass rally at the Capitol Building in downtown Raleigh tomorrow, Oct. 15.
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