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BY B.J. Murphy | Charlotte, NC | 11/08/11
An energetic crowd of almost 300 came together at Marshall Park in Charlotte, North Carolina, Nov. 5. Protesters marched to Bank of America and Wells Fargo, as Occupy Winston-Salem joined in solidarity with Occupy Charlotte in support of Bank Transfer Day.
BY Gregory Lucero | Salt Lake City, UT | 11/08/11
Activists marched here in solidarity with Oakland’s general strike, Nov. 2. The marchers were angered by the extreme police brutality against peaceful demonstrators in Oakland, California.
BY Kosta Harlan | Durham, NC | 11/03/11
Over 60 protesters marched on Durham City Hall here, Nov. 2, where the Public Utilities Commission was holding a hearing about Duke Energy's proposed 18% rate hike. After rallying outside, 200 people packed the two-hour hearing in City Hall to speak out against the rate hike.
BY staff | Durham, NC | 11/03/11
A spirited march of 35 people weaved its way through downtown Durham at noon on Nov. 2, making stops at the Durham Police Station, the Court House and the jail before rallying at People's Plaza.
BY staff | Oakland, CA | 11/03/11
Tens of thousands of people streamed into Oakland on November 2nd to answer the call for a general strike, the week after police violently attacked the Occupy movement at city hall with tear gas, flash grenades and bean bag bullets. The attempt to evict the camp failed, but Scott Olsen, an Iraq war veteran and Occupy participant, was stricken by a tear gas canister and remains hospitalized. The protesters called for a general strike in response to the police violence, as well as the overall demands of the Occupy movement. They are seeking an end to economic inequality and to stop the balancing of the economic crisis on the backs of working people. There were rallies and marches throughout the day, halting business as usual in the downtown district. Banks and stores remained shuttered. From there, the protesters moved to the port of Oakland to shut it down with a massive human blockade. This was also a success. "At this time maritime operations are effectively shut down", declared the Port of Oakland in a statement to the press. Labor had a strong presence, including the SEIU, AFT, Teamsters, NUHW, Iron Workers, and other trade unions. Said one city worker, "I'm here because they cut, cut, and cut our pay and benefits but the administrators keep pulling down $300,000 a year." Alex, a recent Berkeley graduate said, "Today is a great start towards a movement that can fight the evictions happening all over Oakland." These pictures tell some of the story of November 2 in Oakland.
BY Brad Sigal | Minneapolis, MN | 11/03/11
More than 200 people gathered at People’s Plaza in Minneapolis, Nov. 2, to stand up for the right of assembly and to protest government repression of the Occupy movement around the country, particularly in Oakland, California. Speakers at the rally also denounced a new statement by Hennepin County threatening to end the OccupyMN occupation here in Minneapolis when the temperature hits 25 degrees or at the first snowfall.
BY staff | Milwaukee, WI | 10/31/11
Occupy Milwaukee held a second march, Oct. 29, joining with Occupy the Hood. 400 people marched from Lincoln Park down a busy street, ending at a closed-down auto factory.
BY staff | Minneapolis, MN | 10/29/11
About 600 people, chanting “the banks got bailed out, we got sold out,” joined Occupy MN, along with labor unions and community groups for a march on the banks here, Oct. 29. The protest coincided with the anniversary of the 1929 Stock Market Crash.
BY staff | Minneapolis, MN | 10/29/11
Following a march on the banks here, October 29, more than 40 people attended a teach-in organized by Freedom Road Socialist Organization.
BY staff | Minneapolis, MN | 10/27/11
About 150 people joined the American Indian Movement, the Indigenous Environmental Network and OccupyMN for a rally and march to stop the Keystone XL Pipeline, Oct. 27.
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