Friday November 27, 2020
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BY staff | Lebanon | 11/08/15
Lebanon’s official National News Agency report is reporting, Nov. 8, that three members of an Israeli spy ring that operated in the country’s south have been placed under arrest.
BY staff | Lebanon | 1/25/15
Lebanon’s National News Agency reported on Jan. 25 that once again Israel is violating Lebanon’s airspace and carrying out new provocations.
BY staff | Lebanon | 10/08/14
According to the Lebanese news outlet Al-Manar, a militarily unit of the resistance group Hezbollah, "detonated improvised explosive devices against a manned Zionist patrol inside the occupied Shebaa Heights, leaving a number of wounded within the Zionist occupation army.”
BY staff | Lebanon | 9/21/14
The Lebanese news outlet Al-Manar is reporting that an Israeli spy drone has crashed in south Lebanon, Sept. 20.
BY staff | Lebanon | 1/01/14
A statement from the Lebanese Army states that an Israeli reconnaissance plane breached the Lebanese airspace for nine hours, Jan 1. “The enemy plane circled over the South region, Beirut and its suburbs, Riyaq and Baalbek for 9 hours, and then left at 4:15 p.m. from above the aforementioned town,” stated the army communiqué.
BY staff | Lebanon | 7/23/13
The progressive Lebanese political party Hezbollah sharply condemned a decision by the European Union to put a ‘terrorist’ label on its military wing, June 22.
BY staff | Lebanon | 2/16/13
Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah said in a Feb. 16 televised speech that Lebanese resistance forces are well equipped and would not tolerate any Israeli aggression.
BY staff | Lebanon | 1/20/13
The Lebanese media outlet Al Manar reports that hundreds of protesters gathered by the French embassy in Beirut, Lebanon, Jan. 18, to demand that French authorities release the long-held political prisoner George Ibrahim Abdullah.
BY Mick Kelly | Beirut, Lebanon | 10/21/12
Hezbollah, the largest anti-imperialist political party in Lebanon, condemned the Oct. 19 Beirut bombing that took the life of Brigadier General Wissam Al-Hasan and others.
BY staff | United States | 6/16/07
In March, U.S. antiwar activist and Freedom Road Socialist Organization member Kosta Harlan on speaking tour after attending a historic international solidarity conference in Italy with leaders of the Iraqi resistance
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