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BY staff | Minneapolis, MN | 6/06/10
Anti-war activists gathered here at May Day Books, June 6, for an anti-war event titled “New War Crisis in Korea?” The featured speakers were Mick Kelly, the editor of Fight Back! newspaper and Meredith Aby, a leader of the Anti-War Committee
BY staff | Pyongyang, Democratic Korea | 4/20/10
A military commentator Saturday issued an article disclosing the truth about the "story about linkage with the north" floated by the south Korean group of traitors.
BY staff | | 5/28/09
Korean Central News Agency's comment on the DPRK's May 25 nuclear test
BY Korean Central News Agency | | 4/08/09
cientists and technicians of the DPRK have succeeded in putting the Kwangmyongsong-2 satellite into orbit
BY staff | | 9/13/04
Sun Hyung Lee traveled to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (north Korea) as part of a peace delegation of eight Korean Americans from Oakland, Los Angeles and New York in June of 2004. At a time when the Bush administration is carrying out war preparations against north Korea, the interview provides some important insights into developments on the Korean peninsula.
BY Mick Kelly | | 12/01/03
The Bush administration is bringing the Korean peninsula to the brink of war.
BY Sun Lee | | 12/02/02
The people's movement in Korea is on the rise, building for genuine democracy, human dignity and against national and economic exploitation.
BY Freedom Road Socialist Organization | | 6/01/01
The U.S. should close down its bases and withdraw the troops from Korea.
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