Saturday January 23, 2021
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Students subpoena U.S. Attorney Fitzgerald

by Chapin Gray |
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Student activists in Chicago attempted to deliver a giant subpoena to US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald to call attention to the unjust raids and subpoenas of anti-war and international solidarity actions since 24 September 2010 (Fight Back! News/Maureen Murphy)

Chicago, IL - “Stop the subpoenas, stop the raids! We are here, we aren’t afraid!” On a chilly morning, Jan. 14, over 50 people gathered at the Federal Building in downtown Chicago to deliver a mock subpoena to U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald is in charge of the wave of FBI raids, harassment and subpoenas that began last September across the country. Since then, 23 people have been summoned to appear before a federal grand jury in Chicago and all have refused to participate in what is being called a political witch hunt.

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