Thursday August 13, 2020
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Protests at Federal Building in Chicago

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More than 350 activists in Chicago converged on the Dirksen federal building on 25 January 2010 to stand in solidarity with the nine Palestine solidarity activists and community organizers summoned to appear before a federal grand jury that day. (Maureen Murphy)

Chicago, IL - Speaking at a rally of 350 supporters Jan. 25, Sarah Smith explained that being subpoenaed hasn't had the effect that U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald wanted. The crowd cheered when she said, “I'm not backing down. In fact, I've been made stronger by the support from all of you to be become more politically active.”

Sarah Smith wanted to see for herself how the Palestinians lived. She traveled last summer with friends on a delegation organized by the Palestine Solidarity Group. For this she was subpoenaed to a grand jury by US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald.

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