Monday March 8, 2021
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“Law as a weapon of war” people’s assembly held in Atlanta

by Kosta Harlan |
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Over 80 people attended the Atlanta people's assembly, "Law as a weapon of war" (Fight Back! News/Kosta Harlan)
Laila Yaghi, mother of imprisoned Muslim youth Ziyad Yaghi.
Lower right:
Wall of names showing people targeted by preemptive prosecution

Atlanta, GA - Over eighty people from across the South gathered at the Auburn Research Library in downtown Atlanta on May 14 for the people’s assembly, “Law as a Weapon of War”.

The assembly brought together people directly affected by repression from the war on terror, anti-immigrant legislation, and the war on drugs. As Stephanie Guilloud of Project South said in opening remarks, “Everyone here is on the front lines of a crisis.”

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