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We provide coverage and analysis of some of the key battles facing working and low-income people. en Big demonstration of farmers and workers in Athens <p>Thousands of small farmers, from all over Greece, met up with the trade unions of Athens and marched to the Parliament on Feb. 14 to protest the anti-people’s policy of the SYRIZA government and the European Union.</p> <p>The farmers, who have created roadblocks all over Greece for more than three weeks, organized the national demonstration as an escalation of their struggle.</p> <p>The All-Workers Militant Front (PAME) and the trade unions of Athens welcomed the farmers and confirmed their common struggle against the common enemy, the monopolies and the EU.</p> <p>The farmers National Committee extended a call to all farmers to participate in the demonstrations of PAME, on Feb. 21, in many cities of Greece.</p> People's Struggles Greece Athens Greece PAME Sun, 19 Feb 2017 23:40:30 +0000 Fight Back 5956 at Minnesotans march against racist Muslim ban and attacks on immigrants <p>On Feb. 18, more than 2500 people gathered in Powderhorn Park in Minneapolis to protest President Trump’s recent executive orders against immigrants. The MN Anti-War Committee and the No More Deportations campaign co-sponsored the rally which was followed by a community march to show solidarity with the immigrants and refugees targeted by President Trump’s executive orders. </p> <p>Gloria Velazquez was the first speaker at the rally. She spoke for the MN Immigrant Rights Action Committee’s No More Deportation Campaign to announce their rapid response network to oppose ICE operations. </p> <p>Stephanie Taylor, representing the Anti-War Committee, explained the relationship between Trump’s ban and the War on Terror. “As we know, the seven countries targeted by Trump's immigration ban are countries where there are large Muslim populations, representing an attempt to ban Muslims from immigrating to the U.S. altogether. Importantly, however, it is no coincidence that all seven countries have also been the target of U.S. wars and military intervention. Most obviously, the Iraqi people have been subjected to repeated U.S. military intervention and occupation and, now, after having their homes, neighborhoods, and cities destroyed by U.S. bombs and armaments and being made into migrants, they are being told that they cannot migrate to the U.S.” She emphasized, “To target and blame the victims of U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East is racist and wrong. We demand that the U.S. get out of the Middle East now!” </p> <p>Other speakers included Loretta Van Pelt of the Twin Cities Coalition 4 Justice 4 Jamar, who announced their upcoming protest on Feb. 28 against Trump’s pro-police executive orders. Jess Sundin from the Committee to Stop FBI Repression also spoke. Sundin addressed the campaign to defend Rasmea Odeh, a Chicago-based Palestinian community leader who is being targeted with bogus charges of immigration fraud, justified with the same racist rhetoric that fuels the so-called War on Terror abroad, and the Muslim ban here at home. Sabry Wazwaz, also from the MN Anti-War Committee, was the last speaker and led chants on the march.</p> <p>Protesters marched on Lake Street past hundreds of immigrant owned-businesses to say, “Immigrants are welcome here!” The march was led by a kids contingent of 40 young people ranging from children in strollers to middle school students. They loudly chanted together, “You build a wall, we’ll tear it down!”</p> People's Struggles Donald Trump immigrant rights Immigration Immigrant Rights U.S. Sun, 19 Feb 2017 01:23:44 +0000 Fight Back 5955 at Los Angeles rallies in support of “Un día sin inmigrantes” <p>With less than a day’s notice, 30 people gathered at the historic Mariachi Plaza, Feb. 16, rallying in support of the undocumented on “A Day Without Immigrants.”</p> <p>Chanting, “What do we want? Legalization! When do we want it? Now!” and “Aquí estamos y no, nos vamos! Y sí nos echan, no regresamos!” the crowd got support from people driving or walking by.</p> <p>Businesses closed all over LA, including popular Alley stores, main restaurants along First Street in Boyle Heights, and parents missed work, students skipped school - all to demonstrate that the U.S. looks very different when immigrants remove themselves from society.</p> <p>Juan Castillo-Alvarado, who is a gay man and activist with Latinx Equality Alliance - Alianza Latina por la Igualdad, says, "I'm here as a Salvadoran and Guatemalan immigrant myself. Transphobia and homophobia sentiments are running rampant now, and the LGBTQ community is fighting back. We all need to be there for each other!”</p> <p>Different organizations participated, like Centro CSO, Latinx Equality Alliance, Freedom Road Socialist Organization. Students from Hollenbeck Middle School, and even some folks driving as far as La Puente to join the Boyle Heights rally.</p> <p>Closing the rally was longtime Chicano revolutionary and immigrant rights fighter Carlos Montes who said, “This day without immigrants is just the start of a campaign of resistance to the Trump attacks and a build up to May Day protests. Today we felt and saw the force of the undocumented. Fighting against deportations, a new Mexico wall, bracero programs, militarization, and no ICE raids - we will always be here for our immigrant families.”</p> People's Struggles Centro CSO (Community Service Organization) Donald Trump immigrant rights Immigrant Rights U.S. Sat, 18 Feb 2017 23:38:09 +0000 Fight Back 5953 at New Yorkers protest Trump and Netanyahu meeting <p>On Feb. 15 protesters gathered on the corner of 5th and 57th, across the street from Trump Towers. The protest was called because earlier that day President Trump and Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had just finished meeting in Washington DC, where they colluded against the Palestinians.</p> <p>The rally was led Nerdeen Kiswani, an organizer with New York City Students for Justice in Palestine, with chants such as "Donald Trump let's be clear, refugees are welcome here!" and “It is right to rebel! Netanyahu go to hell!” </p> <p>From the day that Trump became the president-elect, it was clear that the new administration would strengthen the special relationship between the U.S. and Israel. Netanyahu even recorded a video congratulating Trump on his presidential victory. </p> <p>Kiswani addressed the crowd, "We've been against the establishment of Israel since it was created over 70 years ago! People are just now waking up because it's Trump's face and not Obama doing the same exact thing. It didn't start with Trump, but it starts with American imperialism!"</p> <p>The crowds continued chanting in between speeches, "From Palestine to Mexico, racist walls have got to go!” and "Israeli Zionists! Number one terrorists!" </p> <p>David Letwin, from Jews for Palestinian Right to Return, said, "The Jewish state was not borne out of not the desire to protect Jews from anti-Semitism, but a 19th century romantic obsession on states created out of racists ideals. And the Jews for Palestinians Right to Return look forward to the day when there isn't a state based on those ideals and supports those Palestinians who call for a single state throughout historic Palestine on principles for equality and justice for all."</p> <p>Nina Macapinlac, the North East Regional Coordinator of Bayan USA, said in a fiery speech, “The real terrorists are not the Palestinians and the refugees. The real terrorists are the imperialists and the Zionists who displace and villainize them. We’re here alongside our Palestinian brothers and sisters and all oppressed nationalities of the world do demand sovereignty and self-determination. And only through unity against the imperialist and Zionist ruling classes will we truly be free.”</p> <p>At around 7:30 p.m., the rally turned into a march as second group of protesters organized by Jewish Voices for Peace joined the rally. Several hundreds marched to Trump Tower international at Columbus Circle. Loud chants such as "Donald Trump you're a coward! We will take your fucking tower!" were heard as the protesters marched alongside Central Park. </p> <p>At the tower, protesters rallied with a lot of spirit. Kiswani ended the night with the chant "New York City you will see, Palestine will be free!" And "New York City you will learn, refugees will return!" </p> <p>The protest was called for by NY4Palestine, a coalition comprised of Al-Awda NY: The Palestine Right to Return Coalition, American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) – NJ, NY Muslim American Society (MAS), New York City Students for Justice in Palestine (NYCSJP), Jews for Palestinian Right of Return (JFPROR), International Action Center (IAC), The Committee to Stop FBI Repression (CSFR), and The Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network.</p> People's Struggles Donald Trump Donald Trump Free Palestine Palestine Immigrant Rights U.S. Sat, 18 Feb 2017 23:35:14 +0000 Fight Back 5952 at Commemorate the 75th anniversary of executive order that led to World War II concentration camps for Japanese <p>On Feb. 19, 1942, President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued Executive Order 9066, which authorized the removal of 120,000 Americans of Japanese descent from the West Coast of the U.S. to concentration camps. Despite not a single case of espionage by Japanese Americans, they were removed en masse by a combination of what has been called “war hysteria, racial prejudice, and a failure of political leadership” under the guise of national security.</p> <p>30 years later, Japanese Americans mobilized around a movement for redress and reparations. The American-born children of Japanese immigrants (the Nisei) joined with their children’s generation (the Sansei) to fight for and win an official government apology and monetary payments, the two goals of the movement. Despite the move to the right during the Reagan administration, the Japanese American community was able to combine grassroots protest, a broad united front of Japanese American organizations and individuals, as well as allies among African Americans, Chicanos and Latinos, and progressive whites to win victory after a more than ten-year fight.</p> <p>More than 15 years ago, Japanese Americans were among the first to rally to side of American Muslims who were targeted by the federal government with a special registration of people from majority-Muslim countries. Right-wingers in and around the Bush administration openly spoke of the need to get over the World War II concentration camps in order to clear the way for more persecution of American Muslims.</p> <p>Now the xenophobia of Donald Trump is going far beyond the bad times following the passage of the so-called Patriot Act in 2001. His travel ban on people from seven Muslim majority countries included not only refugees but legal permanent residents and even American citizens with dual citizenship. But his executive order was met by massive protests at airports across the country where people were being denied entry to the U.S. and has now been put on hold by afFederal judge.</p> <p>Today, Feb. 17, I just learned of a memo being circulated in the Trump administration that proposes to mobilize up to 100,000 National Guard to carry out another executive order by Trump that targets up to 8 million undocumented immigrants for deportation. The use of military force to carry out the mass removal of immigrants would be an unprecedented step not seen in the U.S. since the dark days of the World War II concentration camps.</p> <p>Now more than ever Japanese Americans need to step up their resistance to Trump’s attacks on Muslims, Mexicans and others. We need to share not only our suffering and resistance in the concentration camps, but also the hope and knowledge gained from our fight for redress and reparations.</p> <p>Gambatte Kudasai! (Please Struggle!)</p> <p><em>Masao Suzuki is a member of the San Jose Nihonmachi Outreach Committee (NOC), which is sponsoring their 37th Annual Day of Remembrance event on Sunday, Feb. 19.</em></p> People's Struggles Antiwar Movement Anti-racism immigrant rights World War II Immigrant Rights Sat, 18 Feb 2017 23:31:27 +0000 Fight Back 5951 at Tucson protest against ICE hit with police crackdown <p>Tucson, AZ - At the federal building in downtown Tucson around 150 people displayed their anger at Trump’s recent ICE raids, Feb.16. The raids targeted hard-working undocumented immigrants, including a mother in Phoenix.</p> <p>The crowd’s chants roared across street traffic as protesters shouted: “No ban! No wall! Sanctuary now!” and “No more deportations!”</p> <p>The Immigrant rights group Lucha Unida de Padres y Estudiantes (LUPE) called the protest to demonstrate the popular dissent for Trump and his anti-immigrant agenda. LUPE organizer Stteffanny Cott Tolentino said, “Trump and his administration have routinely confirmed their racist, xenophobic, lslamophobic and anti-labor agenda as his executive actions actively repress and terrorize multinational working-class families. But we are here to show that this community is engaged in resistance and struggle.”</p> <p>The rally took to the streets and as police attempted to block their movement, the march was determined to continue. The police then arrested three people: two Brown Berets and an African American woman with Black Lives Matter. As protesters demanded their immediate release, the police continued their heavy-handed response by throwing an elderly woman to the ground and then pepper spraying a line of mostly women protesters and a group of children behind them. Tempers flared, and as the crowd dispersed, some of the protesters filed official complaints against the offending officers for their actions.</p> <p>All three arrestees have been released and LUPE and the community will continue to support their legal defense. Also, LUPE plans to continue organizing and defending immigrant rights while taking measures to ensure the safety and security of all participants.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Donald Trump LUPE Immigrant Rights Sat, 18 Feb 2017 04:02:07 +0000 Fight Back 5950 at U of MN students prepare for ‘Not My President's Day’ to demand sanctuary campus <p>Minneapolis, MN - On Monday, Feb. 20, exactly a month after President Trump's inauguration, students at the University of Minnesota will rally outside of University President Eric Kaler's office under the slogan "Not My President's Day" to demand that Kaler take action to declare the University a sanctuary campus.</p> <p>Students, led by the group Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), will smash a Trump piñata on the steps of Morrill Hall at noon and proceed to the University of Minnesota (UMN) president's office where they will deliver their ultimatum demanding action by the university president by the end of the month. The students' ultimatum letter is modeled on a letter that the University of Utah SDS delivered to their university president demand for a sanctuary campus.</p> <p>While UMN President Kaler has emailed students, staff and faculty at the university, acknowledging their fear that undocumented students will be targeted by the new Trump administration, he has stopped short of declaring the university a sanctuary campus or taking concrete actions to protect these students. Such actions that have been taken by presidents at other universities.</p> <p>National Students for a Democratic Society issued a call for actions to be organized in support of making university campuses across the country sanctuary campuses for undocumented students. Like sanctuary cities, sanctuary campuses are universities which pledge non-cooperation and non-compliance with federal efforts to repress, detain and deport undocumented immigrants. At the University of Minnesota and in many places across the country, undocumented students are able to attend the university as students and can in some circumstances pay in-state or resident rates of tuition - this policy is already a recognition that undocumented students should be allowed to attend these colleges and universities and the sanctuary campus designation would further allow undocumented students access to education free of the fear of unexpected detention or deportation based on their immigration status.</p> <p>SDS at the University of Minnesota is organizing this protest on President's Day, under the slogan Not My President's Day, to draw connections between the sanctuary campus movement at local universities and the broader movement to oppose Trump and his right-wing agenda. UMN SDS has participated in the broad umbrella coalition the Resist From Day One coalition in the Twin Cities, which led large marches a month previous on Inauguration Day.</p> <p>SDS member Skyler Dorr said, "Our national campaign for 'Education for All' connects student struggles around access to education, from overpriced tuition and student debt to demographic underrepresentation for Black and Brown students on campus to the sexism, racism, anti-queer, and anti-Muslim violence that prevents marginalized students from fully participating in campus life. Right now the struggle is to protect our undocumented brothers, sisters, and nonbinary folk and make our universities sanctuary campuses.”</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Donald Trump Donald Trump President Kaler sanctuary campus Students for a Democratic Society Student Movement Sat, 18 Feb 2017 03:13:34 +0000 Fight Back 5949 at Oppose the use of National Guard for deportation of undocumented immigrants <p>The Trump administration has been discussing a proposal to mobilize up to 100,000 National Guard troops in the four states bordering Mexico (California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas) as well as seven more bordering these states (Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana). The National Guard would be used for a massive round-up and deportation of millions of undocumented immigrants, which Trump has pledged to do. The round-up would be based on Trump’s Jan. 25 executive order, which expands to the target of deportations to virtually at least eight of the 11 million undocumented.</p> <p>In addition, this executive order called for the expansion of the 287(g) program, the so-called “Secure Communities” which would be used to authorize the National Guard to round up immigrants for deportation. The executive order also called for a crack-down on local institutions that are considered sanctuary cities or on colleges that state that they will not act on the behalf of ICE.</p> <p>The use of the National Guard, a domestic military force, would be a form of military occupation of the historic territory of the Chicano nation. In the Southwest, the descendants of Mexican settlers and immigrants have evolved into a nation that shares a common culture, economy and land in southern and central California, southern Arizona, New Mexico, parts of Colorado, and southern and western Texas - the areas targeted by the proposed mobilization of the National Guard.</p> <p>For more than a century immigrants from Mexico, driven by poverty resulting from the U.S. domination of Mexico, and drawn by American farms and businesses seeking cheap labor, have been coming to the American Southwest, strengthening the Chicano population and nation. More recently, growing numbers of immigrants from Central American have joined in the migration to the U.S.</p> <p>The liberal wing of the ruling rich wants to both divide (through deportations) and incorporate (through legalization) Mexican and Central American immigrants and guarantee a continued supply of cheap temporary workers through Comprehensive Immigration Reform. However the right wing, represented by President Trump, is growing more fearful of the ‘Browning of America’ and wants to both deport the undocumented immigrants as well as cut back on legal immigration. A military deportation force of National Guard would do both by deporting millions of undocumented while terrorizing the legal immigrants and citizens who are the family, friends, neighbors and co-workers with the undocumented.</p> <p>The editors of <em>Fight Back!</em> urge all our readers to oppose any Trump plans for mass deportations. We see the struggle of Chicanos, Mexicanos and Central Americans - as well as other oppressed nationalities such as African Americans, and indigenous people - for full equality as revolutionary movements, and we support the right to self-determination, up to and including independence from the U.S. for the Chicano and other oppressed nations in the U.S.</p> Donald Trump Dump Trump immigrant rights National Guard Immigrant Rights Fri, 17 Feb 2017 21:16:21 +0000 Fight Back 5948 at Minneapolis solidarity march with immigrants and refugees set <p>Minneapolis, MN - The Anti-War Committee and the No More Deportations campaign are co-sponsoring a <a href="">community march</a> to show solidarity with the immigrants and refugees targeted by President Trump’s executive orders, Saturday, Feb. 18, 2017 from 1-3:30 pm. Protesters will rally in Powderhorn Park and then march on Lake Street past hundreds of immigrant owned businesses to say “Immigrants are welcome here!”</p> <p>The Anti-War Committee’s call for the protest says the protest will focus on denouncing the Muslim ban, the wall on the US-Mexico border, and Trump’s war threats. The protest call also calls for Minneapolis and St. Paul to remain sanctuary cities.</p> <p>There is a growing movement against the president’s anti-immigrant policies. The Washington Post reported on Feb. 7, “that majorities oppose all of President Trump’s recent immigration moves...There has been a 12 point net swing against the general idea of the travel ban in the last month.”</p> <p>According to reports from the Associated Press Feb.17, the Trump administration is considering the deployment of up to 100,000 members of the National Guard to round up undocumented immigrants.</p> <p>Ana Vasquez of the No More Deportations campaign said, “We must all stand together to stop deportations and defeat the travel ban. Immigrant and refugee communities are under attack and all people of good conscience must unite and resist these racist attacks.”</p> <p>This protest is the follow up event from the Anti-War Committee’s last march on Jan. 31st where 15,000 people protested and the march was 7 blocks long.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Antiwar Movement Anti-War Committee Donald Trump Muslim Ban No More Deportations campaign Immigrant Rights Fri, 17 Feb 2017 20:11:08 +0000 Fight Back 5947 at 4000-plus march in Chicago on Day Without Immigrants <p>Chicago, IL - Over 4000 people marched today, Feb. 16, in Chicago as part of the Day Without Immigrants mobilizations across the country. The protest was called by ARISE Chicago, whose Jorge Mujica spoke to the crowd at Union Park. He condemned the order from President Trump that allows ICE officers to detain and deport people without trial. Mujica was one of the conveners 11 years ago of the mega-marches in Chicago that attracted hundreds of thousands for immigrant rights.</p> <p>The march was overwhelmingly Latino, with many Mexican flags. Messages of solidarity from other oppressed nationality movements came from Frank Chapman of the Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression and Bassem Kawar, a volunteer with the Arab American Action Network.</p> Day Without Immigrants Donald Trump Immigrant Rights Fri, 17 Feb 2017 04:56:17 +0000 Fight Back 5946 at