Israeli politician who wants Trump train station called for ‘civil targeted killings’ of BDS activists

By staff |
December 31, 2017
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Minneapolis, MN - Yisrael Katz, the Israeli politician who wants to name a future Jerusalem train station after President Trump, is well known for a past statement calling for the “civil targeted killings “of activists who advocate for boycotting, sanctions and divestment from the apartheid state of Israel.

Katz, who is head of both Israel’s intelligence operations and transportation, made the statement about the killings at a March 28, 2016 press conference, and has explained the statement as a play on words that was not an actual death threat.

Katz, an opponent of any Palestinian state, applauded Trump’s plans to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem.

Trump’s moves to “recognize” Jerusalem as the capital of Israel have served to further isolate the U.S. in the Middle East at a time when the Palestinian struggle to end the Israeli occupation over the entirety of historic Palestine is gaining momentum.