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Pasadena City College SDS joins the march against Trump!

By Lorenzo Osterheim |
January 27, 2017
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Pasadena City College SDS
Pasadena City College SDS (Fight Back! News/staff)

Los Angeles, CA - On Jan. 20, Students for a Democratic Society at Pasadena City College (SDS PCC) took to the streets to join in a pro-immigrant march against Trump. The March Against Trump was organized by Centro CSO, along with SDS PCC, to stand in with the community of Boyle Heights. Holding a red SDS flag, they sent a clear message: when you dare to struggle you dare to win.

The Boyle Heights march ended downtown at City Hall, where it joined the United Against Hate protest. SDS PCC is working toward building a coalition that can defeat Trump's agenda. That means defending immigrant rights.

Speaking of the march, Hezekiah Farmer stated, “I felt like I was actually contributing for the first time in my life. Like for the first time I was doing something important and that we as a people could make a difference.”

SDS PCC started in 2016 and is working to build the struggle against the Trump agenda. SDS PCC is asking for anyone hoping to join to contact them here: [email protected] or

Lorenzo Osterheim is a SDS PCC member.