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Arroyo is ripe for ouster by the broad mass movement

by staff |
February 20, 2008
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Fight Back News Service is reprinting the following statement by Jose Maria Sison, a key leader in the fight to free the Philippines from U.S. domination. Over the past week large demonstrations have taken place in the Philippines demanding that the president, Gloria M. Arroyo, step down.

Gloria M. Arroyo is ripe for ouster by the broad mass movement

Gloria M. Arroyo, the fake president, is ripe for ouster by the broad mass movement of the Filipino people as a result of her record of moral bankruptcy, subservience to foreign interests, brazen corruption and systematic human rights violations.

The flagrant use of bribery to remove Rep. Jose de Venecia from the speakership and the use of kidnapping in an attempt to silence Rodolfo Jun Lozada have served to underscore the issue of corruption and to outrage the broad masses of the people.

The Arroyo regime has become so isolated and so desperate that it has directed its military and police minions to concoct tales about anti-Arroyo assassination plots and spread fears about possible violence in mass actions in order to intimidate the people and the legal democratic forces.

The regime is seeking to justify the state violence that the military and police are poised to unleash in order to disrupt and stop the growth of the mass actions. In this regard, the regime and its military and police henchmen are being called upon to respect the right of the people to speak and assemble.

As far as I know from the official pronouncements of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), the New People’s Army (NPA) is sympathizing with and encouraging the legal and peaceful mass actions in the urban areas and is directing its military tactical offensives against the people’s enemies in the countryside in consonance with the strategic line of protracted people’s war.

The sheer growth of the legal and peaceful mass actions in the national capital region and on a national scale in the coming days, weeks and months can encourage the military and police to withdraw support from the Arroyo ruling clique and can suffice to cause the resignation, impeachment or outright ouster of the illegitimate and morally bankrupt president.