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University of South Florida students demand “Hands off Ukraine”

By Gage Lacharite |
April 18, 2014
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Tampa students demand “Hands off Ukraine.”
Tampa students demand “Hands off Ukraine.” (Fight Back! News/Staff)

Tampa, FL - Tampa Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and anti-war activists from the community protested U.S. interference in Ukraine at Senator Marco Rubio's office, April 16. Marco Rubio supports efforts in the U.S. Senate to increase U.S. intervention and spend billions of taxpayer dollars in Ukraine. Students made three demands at Rubio’s office on the University of South Florida campus: No more U.S. intervention in Ukraine or Crimea; Stop U.S. aid to the illegitimate Ukrainian regime; and Oppose U.S. sanctions against Russia.

Students gave fiery speeches denouncing Rubio's support for U.S. intervention. Dani Leppo of Tampa SDS said, "For far too long, the imperialist aggression of the U.S. has caused bloodshed throughout the world. From Colombia to Venezuela, Iraq to Afghanistan, resources and lives are stolen in the name of spreading so-called ‘democracy.’ We must respect the people of Ukraine and Crimea.”

When they finished speaking, the protesters marched into Rubio's office to present their demands. The office was closed off and locked however, so protesters left a letter to Rubio listing their demands.

SDS pointed out that the U.S. spent trillions on wars and foreign interventions while people suffered at home. Tampa SDS member Bridget White noted, “It’s ridiculous that the U.S. is backing real life fascists in the Ukraine. Can’t they be using this money to lower tuition instead?”

SDS vows to continue the struggle against imperialism, fascism and Nazism wherever it appears.