Syrian communists urge resistance to U.S. military attacks

By Syrian Communist Party |
September 1, 2013
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Fight Back News Service is circulating the following statement from the Syrian Communist Party.

Glory to the honorable patriotic steadfastness!
Syria will not kneel!

A statement of the Syrian Communist Party

Masses of the Syrian people!

Sisters, brothers!

The Syrian Communist Party is heading towards you, in these difficult days, calling to close ranks and to make every effort to combat the brutal colonial aggression. After world imperialism and its spearhead, the American imperialism have failed to conquer Syria through the imposition of the blockade and the support of the criminal and subversive operations of the terrorist bands which have committed heinous acts including horrific massacres, many of them on sectarian and ethnic basis, and the sabotaging and destruction of economic establishments and imposing obscurantist laws strange to the composition of the Syrian people which is characterized by openness and tolerance. We believe that American imperialism is announcing its willingness to direct military aggression, she and her allies, under the pretext of acts made by her agents and supervised by its organs.

Yes, it’s clearly visible that American imperialism is basing its aggression on false charges to justify its act. This brute force accuses us of crimes that have been committed by her all over the world under the hypocritical banner “Defense of the free world and democracy”. Witness the use of the invading American forces bacterial and chemical weapons in the war against Korea in the middle of the last century, and the use of the same weapons in the war against the liberation movement of the people of Vietnam, including the powder «Orange B», which because of it, women in Vietnam still give birth to deformed children after forty years of the end of this war in which the American imperialism came out defeated and in deep shame. The U.S. military machine used enriched uranium in the war against our brotherly Iraq but that did not help in enabling the occupation and the American invaders fled from the land of proud Iraq like mice. The overall crimes committed by American imperialism and for many decades, calls for providing its leaders, including the presidents to the international war crime tribunal like the court which criminalized the rulers and leaders of Hitler’s Germany. The Nazis contemporaries of imperialist and Zionist leaders will meet the same fate, thanks to the liberation struggle of the peoples of the world.

The brave Syrian people and army, after the heroic patriotic steadfastness for more than two years, in the face of the undeclared war that was launched on it, will address valiantly and with more courage the blatant military aggression. It will do so led by the heroic examples from the makers of Hiteen to the martyrs of Maysaloon and the heroes of the Great Syrian Revolt.

The defense of Syria’s national regime, which faces head held high, all methods of aggression, refusing humiliation and submission, means defending the country and its sovereignty and independence.

In these difficult circumstances through which our country and our people, all efforts must be made to strengthen all fronts: political, military and economic. The Syrian people are not alone in battle, with it in struggle the support of all free peoples in the world.

Shame and disgrace for imperialism and its agents!

Glory to the honorable patriotic steadfastness!

Syria will not kneel!

Damascus 28/8/2013