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SDS demands ‘FBI off campuses now!’

By Students for a Democratic Society |
February 9, 2011
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Fight Back News Service is circulating the following statement from Students for a Democratic Society.

Stop FBI Repression! FBI Off Campuses Now!

On September 24th, the FBI served subpoenas to many well-known anti-war and international solidarity activists at the behest of U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald. Seven of these activists in Chicago and Minneapolis had their homes raided and property, including their children’s drawings and homework assignments from school, taken from them. This initial attack also targeted Tracy Molm, an SDS organizer in Minneapolis. According to the FBI, these raids are supposed to show evidence of material support for terrorism. In reality, it is an outrageous claim, and a bold-faced attempt to suppress our democratic right to oppose US policies at home and abroad. Since then, 9 more activists have been subpoenaed bringing the total up to 23.

Students for a Democratic Society opposes and condemns these raids. We furthermore unite with hundreds of other organizations to demand an end to this witch hunt and an end to the grand jury. We know that the roots of the FBI run deep, which includes maintaining a presence on our college campuses.

We want the FBI of our campuses now! The presence of the FBI quells free speech, intimidates students, and creates an atmosphere of state repression in the very places that are supposed to encourage learning and free thinking. Historically, the FBI has consistently extended itself beyond its basic mission to investigate serious interstate criminal activity by illegally and unethically persecuting activist groups that were attempting to change American society for the better.

Like the other groups that have been targeted, SDS maintains a political character that is staunchly anti-imperialist, anti-war, and openly opposes the poor policies of the U.S government. We stand with those that have been targeted and anyone who fights for change. The FBI, through their largely unconstitutional actions, create an atmosphere of intimidation and stifle freedom of speech, with the goal of suppressing movements who disagree with the imperialist policies of the United States.

Stop the suppression of freedom of speech! Stop the raids on activists! FBI off college campuses now!

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