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Another 250,000 Dropped From Federal Unemployment Insurance Programs

Senate Democrats Promise an Extension Next Week But Nothing is Said About 99ers
By Masao Suzuki |
July 17, 2010
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San José, CA - On July 15, the U.S. Department of Labor reported that another 250,000 unemployed were cut from federal unemployment insurance rolls. In the last three weeks alone, almost one million unemployed people were cut from the Federal Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) and Extended Benefits (EB) programs. These programs provide benefits for people out of work for more than six month who can no longer collect state unemployment insurance benefits.

The Senate Majority Leader, Democrat Harry Reid from Nevada, said that the Democrats will have enough votes to overcome the Republican filibuster once a replacement was named for Senator Robert Byrd, who recently died. Reid said that a vote to extend federal unemployment insurance programs should come next week. But even if the Democrats do follow through with their promise to extend federal unemployment insurance programs, there is nothing being offered to people out of work for more than 99 weeks.

According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data, almost 1.5 million people had been unemployed for more than 99 weeks as of June of 2010. These so-called 99ers are not eligible for any unemployment insurance benefits, since the maximum length of time for combined state, Federal EUC and Federal EB programs is 99 weeks. African Americans are hardest hit by this time limit, with almost one-quarter of those out of work for 99 or more weeks, about twice their fraction of the total population.

These 99ers could benefit from a fifth tier to the Federal EUC program (right now there are four tiers) that would extend unemployment insurance benefits beyond the current total of 99 weeks. Also helpful would be a federal jobs program that could provide income to the long-term unemployed, help them maintain or even upgrade their skills and provide a break from the grind of looking for work week after week, month after month, without any results.

Today, almost half of the unemployed have been out of work for more than six-months. This is almost twice as much as the previous post-World War II high of 25% following the 1981-1982 recession. Only during the Great Depression of the 1930s have there been more people out of work for so long.

In 1935 the federal government started the Works Progress Administration or WPA. At its height in 1938, the WPA employed more than 3 million people, who worked on construction of roads and public buildings. The WPA also expanded government services from publicly owned utilities to library services. With public services being cut by state and local governments, a federal jobs program like the WPA could both serve the long-term unemployed and their communities.


ANON wrote 4 years 6 weeks ago

ALL Politiciaans are CRIMINALS working for the RICH!!!

I agree With paradigm, I'm recently a 99er I am going to keep reporting as long as michigans website will let me or I will phone in or write letters if State will not allow it....WE should never ever stop letting the public know what is happening to us. We are not dead ants to be swept up and tossed into the garbage like we never existed. This Unemployment rate decline is a LIE, there are no jobs, we did not stop looking, and we will not give up to change this idiotic way to count the UNEMPLOYED!!!!

The media reports only new jobless claims, the politicians don't want you to know the real unemployment rate.....because we will have a revolution....they will not pass a bill that lets you know the real rate of unemployment...which by recent estimates would be over 40% OF THE USA POULATION

I can't believe the American population is so Naive to think we actually have a say in how our country is run. Don't you see that only the people who bribe politicians (20%..not just 1%) to vote their way are your government?

These Bastards don't care if your homeless, they don't care if you are starving, and they would rather all of us die. These head in the cloud Racist Elitest Bastards who lucked into billions with help from their parents and sold this country'S LABOR to China, India, and any other people that would work for less than a buck an hour.


New Paradigm wrote 5 years 29 weeks ago

Keep reporting your unemployed status

No one tells those whose benefits have expired to keep reporting their status so I will.

Keep reporting your unemployed status as long as you are unemployed. The system is a game. With more and more people falling off compensation and no one telling them to continue reporting to State unemployment offices, unemployment rates decline as anger, frustration, fear, disillusionment and poverty rise. In Michigan, the unemployment rate FELL! Is that due to more people being employed? NO! It is due to hundreds of thousands who no longer count.

Bob wrote 5 years 29 weeks ago

Well we have sent letters to

Well we have sent letters to Washindton and to Obama and they all are just sitting back letting us just die. The only bright side to all this is, well if the Aztec calendar is right then it will all be over in 2012 Dec21, there will be no more hate, racism, Republicans, Democrats, Tea parties, starving people in the richest Nation in the world or any where else, no more bills, no more stabbing us 99ers in the back, no more fussing and fighting over helping us 99ers or the other unemployed, no more lies told to us and the pulbic making them think they helped us all because it's better news to claim they extended unemployment when they only extended the eligiblity dates, no more lies about helping us till the end of the year then making the unemployed's year end on November 30, no more Democrats dealing with the devil's in the GOP to satisfy them instead of the people that put them office by taking the extra $25 dollars from us too. Yeah at this point it looks brighter than waiting on help from people that will be begging for us to vote for their asses to not do a damn thing again. We might as well take our winter coats a big glass and some fruit flavoring and head to hell, because we will get served faster waiting on hell to freeze over and that shipment of water and snow balls should be there by the time us 99ers get any help. At least we can stay warm, have a drink and a snow cone. With any amount of luck we want get that either because ther will be a Republican standing there at the door trying to take that too while holding hands with Senator Pelosi, Baucus, Kyl, Corbette from Pa.