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Protest vs. Colombian death squads

by Stephanie Weiner |
March 21, 2008
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Man in picket holding bright pink sign
Protest in Chicago, March 6, 2008. (Fight Back! News)

Chicago, IL - Gathering in front of the Colombian Consulate here, 60 protesters took on the job of getting out the truth about the situation in Colombia, March 6. One of speakers from Colombia spoke about the death of five innocent family members by paramilitaries who all went unpunished for their crimes. One of the Ecuadorian speakers talked about meeting many Colombians that had to leave their homes due to paramilitary violence.

Jose Landaverde, a religious leader from El Salvador, also spoke about the unchecked paramilitary and government violence. He quoted the words of the Venezuelan singer and activist Ali Primera in the need to fight for justice. Dan Dale from the Wellington Avenue United Church of Christ read a statement to the group written in Colombia for this day of coordinated actions.

Other speakers condemned the Colombian government’s actions in Ecuador. They chanted for an end to Plan Colombia and joined the people of South America and around the world in saying, “Hands off Ecuador,” and “Hands off Venezuela.”