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North Carolina Demonstrations Held Against ICE Raids

by Michael Graham |
October 20, 2008
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Big banner at the top of big steps to a big building
Demonstration in Asheville, NC against ICE raids, Oct. 12, 2008. (Fight Back! News)
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Asheville, NC - Demonstrations were held in Asheville, North Carolina and neighboring Hendersonville Oct. 12 against recent raids by ICE, the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. ICE recently raided Mills Manufacturing, a military contractor that produces parachutes for the Army. Over 50 workers were detained in the raid. Many of these workers have families and strong ties to the community.

The demonstration brought together over 200 people to demand an end to the raids. Protesters, including members of Freedom Road Socialist Organization and Students for a Democratic Society, marched from Mills Manufacturing Company to a rally at the Buncombe County Courthouse, with signs bearing the names of the workers who were detained, under a banner reading, “ICE out now!”

Called to account was the newly elected Sheriff Van Duncan of Buncombe County. Sheriff Van Duncan was elected to replace Sheriff Medford, who is now convicted on corruption charges. Van Duncan promised an end to racial profiling and harassment of immigrants who have committed no serious crimes, but he has failed to deliver on this promise. Demonstrators chanted, “Sheriff, we’re here! We don’t want to live in fear!” and “No mas, no more!”

The protesters called for an end to the harassment of students just because they speak Spanish, an end to the offense of ‘driving while Latino’ and an end to local police working for ICE.