La Frontera Nos Cruzó statement on the Aaron Martinez murder

By staff |
May 14, 2023
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Fight Back News Service is circulating the following statement from La Frontera Nos Cruzó.

La Frontera Nos Cruzó condemns the racist murder of Aaron Martinez and demands justice and accountability for his murderer, for law enforcement who allowed this to happen, and for the inciters of racial hate who bear moral responsibility.

In Forney, Texas, on May 1st, around noon, Aaron Martinez lost his life to hate. He and his family had moved to the small city two and a half years ago to start a horse training ranch. From the start, they faced hostility because of their ethnicity. Their neighbor, Trevor McEuen, had shown himself to be racist and outright violent to the family, following them around from the beginning and telling them that they weren’t welcome in the area. As the Martinez family planted roots, McEuen’s behavior escalated. Though they filed multiple complaints, no action was taken by authorities even when McEuess would drive around brandishing firearms at them. On Monday, May 1st, the threats reached a tipping point. Aaron Martinez was murdered on his way home for lunch. McEuess had shot at him over thirty times, and his truck was found riddled with bullet holes.

McEuen later admitted to the shooting, and currently has a $2 million bond, meaning that he could be released at a moment’s notice. As of now, he is only being charged for murder, but Aaron’s family demands that this hate crime be formally recognized for what it is. This murder is undeniably fueled by the rising tide of racist fervor that is actively being pushed forward by ideologues and politicians alike. To disconnect it from this is tantamount to lying by omission. 

As Biden sends an additional 1500 troops to the U.S. - Mexico border and politicians spew anti-immigrant hate, Republican lawmakers in Texas are pushing legislation (HB20) which would not only make illegal border crossing a felony, but would install an additional police force on the border which would have the power to deputize private citizens. To this we ask the question: what type of person would be most enthusiastic to be deputized by this force? Would people much like this murderer, Trevor McEuess, not join it in droves? Such proposed legislation does not protect anyone. It instead opens legal channels for individual citizens to violently attack Latino people.

Trevor McEuess’ behavior was childish, violent, and cowardly. La Frontera Nos Cruzó denounces his criminal acts, the justice system’s attempt to cloud the nature of this murder, and the legislative attacks on all immigrants! We must battle racism, both systemic and individual!