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Los Angeles: Boyle Heights hosts ‘Barrio Townhall’ with calls to ‘Boot the Banditos’ sheriffs

By staff |
November 3, 2022
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‘Barrio Townhall’ meeting.
‘Barrio Townhall’ meeting. (Fight Back! News/staff)

Los Angeles, CA - On October 27, Centro CSO hosted a community forum dubbed the “Barrio Townhall” at the Boyle Heights neighborhood City Hall. The event called on November 8 voters to support Dr. Rocio Rivas for Los Angeles Unified School District School Board District 2, and to vote “yes” on Measure A, which would bring more accountability to the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department. 

With Dr. Rivas as the keynote speaker, the townhall included Valerie Vargas and Stephanie Luna - the aunts of Anthony Vargas, who was slain by prospect members of the Los Banditos deputy gang from East LA Sheriff's station - and Luis Sifuentes, co-chair of Centro CSO’s Police Crimes committee. Moderated by Sol Márquez of Centro CSO and a member of Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO), the event included some energetic words from Julie Regalado — co-chair of CSO’s education committee.

Measure A would allow the LA County Board of Supervisors to impeach the LA County Sheriff. The process would require four out of the five supervisors to vote in favor of the sheriff’s removal, citing that the sheriff violated the law.

Dr. Rivas has made it her mission to help stop the privatization of public education. Her challenger is María Brenes, who is backed by the LA Sheriff himself, Alex Villanueva. Other backers include powerful billionaires who have a personal financial interest to gain from gutting public education.

With the election day of November 8 fast approaching, canvassers are out in full force. If you are interested in joining the fight, contact CSO at (323) 484-8630 [email protected] or @CentroCSO on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and Facebook.