Monday May 25, 2020
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Minnesota protest against SB1070 and epidemic of anti-immigrant laws

by Brad Sigal |
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Anh Pham speaks at July 29, 2010 rally in St. Paul against SB1070 (Fight Back! News/Staff)
Quarantining the State Capitol in guerrilla theater at 7/29 protest vs SB1070 in St. Paul, MN

Saint Paul, MN - On July 29, the day Arizona’s anti-immigrant law SB1070 took effect, 250 people rallied against it at the State Capitol in St. Paul, MN. This was one of many actions around the country on the national day of action. The rally aimed to keep pressure on for the full repeal of SB1070, and for the repeal of the federal 287g program that allows local police to carry out immigration laws. The rally was held at the state capitol to send a strong message to Minnesota legislators against Minnesota's SB1070 copycat bill, HF3830.

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