Monday July 6, 2020
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Durham Protests FBI Repression, Stands in Solidarity with Targeted Activists

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Elena Everett speaking about her experience with FBI repression on anti-war activism in 2004. (Photo: Peter Gilbert)
Theresa El-Amin of the Green Party and Southern Anti-Racism Network condemned the FBI repression of anti-war activists.
Lower right:
Chelsea Earles speaks in support of Minneapolis activists Jess Sundin and Mick Kelly, along with other peace activists targeted by the FBI in the Sept. 24 raids.

Durham, NC - About 30 people gathered at the Durham Federal Courthouse this morning to speak out against the grand jury proceedings being used by the FBI against anti-war activists. The protest was one of many across the country that brought out hundreds of people to denounce the latest wave of FBI repression on the anti-war movement.

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