Tuesday March 2, 2021
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Fight Back Florida stands up to Governor Scott’s cuts, attacks on public workers

by Jared Hamil |
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Students, workers, and community members take a lane as they march downtown to City Hall demanding a halt to the cuts. (Fight Back! News/Staff)
Angry protestors listen to speakers from various unions including the ACEA, GAU, and the IBEW.

Gainesville, FL - About 300 workers and students demonstrated here, March 25, against the state government's attacks and cuts. The protest was organized by Fight Back Florida, a coalition of union members and students who organized rallies all over the state. In addition to Gainesville's rally and march, 14 other cities joined in a day of action against Governor Rick Scott's attempt to make public employees pay for the budget crisis. People around Florida joined together to tell the government that if it cuts back, “we will fight back.”

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