Friday June 2, 2023
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People's Struggles

staff | Milwaukee, WI | 5/21/23
Fight Back News Service is circulating the following statement by the Coalition to March on the RNC 2024.
Masao Suzuki | San José, CA | 5/21/23
On Friday, May 19, Republicans walked out of debt ceiling negotiations with the Democrats.
Debt ceiling
Serena Sojic-Borne | Havana, Cuba | 5/20/23
In a rose and butter-yellow building held up by Greek columns, Cuba’s LGBTQ activists work every day to advance equality.
Montana Hirsch | Minneapolis, MN | 5/20/23
On May 18, more than 30 immigrant rights activists gathered with banners at the corner of Lake Street and Chicago Avenue for an emergency response rally....
Labor Commission, FRSO | United States | 5/19/23
The 2023 Teamster/UPS Contract negotiations are here and every class in the U.S. is watching them like a hawk.
UPS contract
Wyatt Miller | Minneapolis, MN | 5/19/23
“Today, I call on you and all freedom-loving people of the world, and boldly say to all of you, do not speak in hushed and muffled tones about the more...
staff | Madison, WI | 5/19/23
On Monday, May 15, Fight Back! interviewed Michael Jones, president of the teachers’ unit with Madison Teachers, Incorporated (MTI), which represents...
staff | Vietnam | 5/18/23
To mark the birthday of the outstanding Vietnamese communist Ho Chi Minh, Fight Back News Service is circulating has 1960 article “The Path Which Led Me...
Ho Chi Minh
Freedom Road Socialist Organization | Tampa, FL | 5/18/23
Florida state prosecutor Justin Diaz it trying to put the Tampa 5 in prison.
Tampa 5
Sam Charnon | Milwaukee, WI | 5/18/23
May 15 marked the 75th anniversary of the Nakba. Over 250 community members and activists gathered in downtown Milwaukee to see Chief Zwelivelile Mandela...