Wednesday July 8, 2020
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J Burger | Chisholm, MN | 7/21/04
With a contract set to expire July 31, the stage is set for a major confrontation between iron miners and the Cleveland Cliffs Inc
staff | Chicago, IL | 7/01/04
When 50 angry Teamsters confronted their union president, Robert Walston, he arrogantly demanded to know who they were.
staff | Twin Cities, MN | 7/01/04
After a 45-day strike, Twin Cities transit workers reached a tentative agreement on a new contract, April 13. Despite vocal opposition in the media by...
Joe Iosbaker | Chicago, IL | 6/30/04
When Willie English heard management say that the bathrooms in his building were dirty, he was insulted.
staff | Twin Cities, MN | 5/03/04
More than 100 people gathered here May 1, May Day, for a celebration of International Workers’ Day.
staff | Twin Cities, MN | 4/30/04
After months of negotiations with the Metropolitan Council, 2200 Twin Cities bus drivers, dispatchers, maintenance and clerical workers went on strike at...
Colombia Action Network | Chicago, IL | 4/05/04
Fight Back! received the following report from the Colombia Action Network (Chicago).
staff | Twin Cities, MN | 4/02/04
A growing number of organizations representing poor people and bus riders are demanding a restoration of bus services and an end to the 29-day-old transit...
Fight Back! Editors | United States | 4/02/04
While the corporate-controlled media is singing praises of Ronald Reagan for “restoring confidence to America,” millions of Americans and millions more...
Joe Iosbaker | Chicago, IL | 4/02/04
Since the economy tanked nearly three years ago, workers at the University of Illinois have put up with doing more with less.