Tuesday September 21, 2021
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staff | Milwaukee, WI | 9/13/21
A group of anti-war students and community members gathered in downtown Milwaukee in the early afternoon of September 11 to protest continued U.S....
Communist Party of the Philippines | Philippines | 8/29/21
Fight Back News Service is circulating the following August 27 statement from the Communist Party of the Philippines.
Quest Riggs | New Orleans, LA | 8/25/21
On August 21, around 30 community members gathered in opposition to the U.S. government’s role in fueling crises around the world. They met at the...
Meredith Aby-Keirstead | St. Paul, MN | 8/21/21
On August 18, representatives from Twin Cities anti-war groups and the local Afghan community gathered at the Lake Street-Marshall Avenue bridge to hold a...
staff | Philippines | 8/19/21
Last Monday, August 16, Ka Parts Bagani, renowned revolutionary painter and illustrator, was murdered in cold-blood in Barangay Cannery Polomolok, South...
Freedom Road Socialist Organization | United States | 8/17/21
The images are searing. Helicopters ferrying diplomatic personnel from the U.S. Embassy while plumes of black smoke billow from the building. Taliban...
staff | New York, NY | 8/17/21
As the Delta variant rages through the U.S., a major Chinese publisher has signed a contract to distribute a timely book comparing COVID-19 responses in...
China, COVID-19
Austin Dewey | United States | 8/03/21
Biden has been portraying the drawdown of U.S. troops as a sign of victory in Afghanistan, but the truth is that resistance forces are winning.
staff | Philippines | 7/30/21
Fight Back News Service is circulating the following July 30 statement from the Communist Party of the Philippines.
Cassandra Swart | Dallas, TX | 7/30/21
On July 25, about 30 people gathered at Belo Garden Park in downtown Dallas to protest killings of activists and indigenous people in the Philippines by...