Thursday July 24, 2014
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Antiwar Movement

staff | Minneapolis, MN | 9/05/13
As the U.S. Congress prepares to vote on the war resolution sought by the Obama administration, peace and anti-war groups have called for a protest in...
Steff Yorek | United States | 9/05/13
As anti-war/anti-intervention activists, we need to oppose any kind of U.S. attack on Syria.
staff | Minneapolis, MN | 9/04/13
More than 175 people demonstrated in front of the office of U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar to oppose a U.S. military attack on Syria.
Mick Kelly | Minneapolis, MN | 9/02/13
After President Obama’s announcement that he will seek congressional approval for military attacks against Syria, anti-war activists around the county...
People's Opposition to War, Imperialism and Racism | Miami, FL | 9/02/13
Fight Back News Service is circulating the following statement from People's Opposition to War, Imperialism and Racism (POWIR).
staff | Minneapolis, MN | 9/02/13
A coalition of peace and anti-war organizations are organizing a protest on Sept. 3, in front of the offices of U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar, to oppose U.S...
staff | Tampa, FL | 9/02/13
Over 100 protesters gathered here, Aug. 31, demand no military attack on Syria by the U.S.
staff | Asheville, NC | 9/01/13
Over 50 people rallied in downtown here, Aug. 31, to protest the looming military intervention in Syria.
staff | Los Angeles, CA | 9/01/13
Centro CSO and Latinos Against War and the community hit the streets on August 29 - the anniversary of our Chicano Moratorium Memorial Day of Resistance...
staff | Jacksonville, FL | 8/31/13
More than 70 Syrian Americans and their allies in rallied in Jacksonville's downtown Hemming Plaza on Aug. 29 to oppose U.S. intervention in Syria.