Sunday May 28, 2023
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BY David Jones | Tampa, FL | 4/26/23
On Tuesday April 25, the University of South Florida finalized the termination of admissions worker Chrisley Carpio.
Tampa 5
BY staff | Minneapolis, MN | 4/24/23
Fight Back News Service is circulating this statement from Students for a Democratic Society at the University of Minnesota.
BY staff | Tampa, FL | 4/24/23
On March 6, 2023, members of Tampa Bay Students for a Democratic Society held a rally on the University of South Florida campus to defend diversity in higher education.
Tampa 5
BY staff | Arlington, TX | 4/23/23
On April 21, members of NTXStudentsForDEI and UT-Arlington’s Progressive Student Union marched through the streets of University of Texas at Arlington in protest of recent attacks on diversity equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts.
BY Chrisley Carpio | Tampa, FL | 4/19/23
On Monday, April 17, around 70 students, parents, community members and progressives rallied for a statewide mobilization at the University of South Florida’s Marshall Student Center to demand that University President Rhea Law, drop the charges - criminal and academic - on the five protesters brutalized and charged by campus police, March 6, for protesting Governor DeSantis’ racist attacks on education.
Tampa 5
BY Eithne Silva | Tampa, FL | 4/13/23
On Wednesday, April 12, the Tampa 5 held a press conference to announce their rejection of a plea deal offered by the state attorney’s office.
Tampa 5
BY staff | Milwaukee, WI | 4/12/23
On April 11, organizers with the UW-Milwaukee chapter of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) took to Spaights Plaza in the middle of campus to announce a new campaign focused on addressing the shockingly low percentage of Black students on campus, increasing Black representation in student resources like mental health services,
BY Mantak Singh | Seattle, WA | 4/12/23
On Wednesday, April 5, students rallied in front of Suzzallo Library in the University of Washington’s Seattle campus to support Homegrown workers in their fight for a contract.
BY staff | Seattle, WA | 4/10/23
On Friday, April 7, members of the Progressive Student Union and others rallied to protest an event held by Turning Point USA that featured Autumn Higashi, a transphobic, anti-abortion speaker.
BY staff | Tampa, FL | 4/09/23
On April 6, students at the University of South Florida rallied around protecting diversity in the face of recent attacks on legislation on diversity, equality, inclusion (DEI) and multicultural programs.
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