Sunday January 29, 2023
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BY Christine Hauschildt | Minneapolis, MN | 1/24/23
On January 22, the Minnesota Peace Action Coalition, a coalition of anti-war groups in Minnesota, rallied in Mayday Plaza as part of the United National Antiwar Coalition's national call for Martin Luther King Jr. week of actions against U.S. wars to mark his birthday.
BY staff | France | 1/23/23
Fight Back News Service is circulating the following statement from the World Federation of Trade Unions.
BY staff | New York, NY | 1/15/23
Around 300 people braved the first snow of the season on Saturday, January 14 to gather in Times Square outside of the U.S. Army recruiting office and say no to NATO and U.S. militarism.
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BY Wyatt Miller | Minneapolis, MN | 12/21/22
On December 17, around three dozen anti-war activists and community members braved 15-degree temperatures and snow flurries to gather outside the busy shopping center at Lake Street and Minnehaha Avenue.
BY staff | Minneapolis, MN | 12/14/22
Human Rights Day is celebrated internationally every year on December 10. This year, activist groups from the Twin Cities gathered in the Minneapolis’s Uptown neighborhood for a protest and march to bring attention to the ongoing fight for human rights.
BY Andrew Josefchak | Saint Paul, MN | 11/25/22
On Wednesday, November 23, more than 40 peace activists from around the Twin Cities gathered on the Lake Street Marshall Bridge to demand an end to all U.S. interventions around the globe.
BY Anti-War Committee | United States | 11/17/22
Fight Back News Service is circulating this November 16 statement from the MN Anti-War Committee.
BY Liz Rathburn | Chicago, IL | 10/29/22
Students marched on the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) ROTC building to denounce the Biden administration’s intervention in Haiti and demand an end to the 12-year long UN occupation of the island.
BY Cherie Stoll | Grand Rapids, MI | 10/24/22
On Thursday, October 20, activists held signs under at Monument Park in Grand Rapids to oppose U.S. wars and aggression.
BY Andrew Josefchak | Minneapolis, MN | 10/17/22
More than 100 people took to the streets, October 15, to protest U.S. military interventions, from Ukraine to Syria, Palestine and Somalia.
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