Saturday June 3, 2023
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4/25/23 Reproductive justice activists in Milwaukee rally to defend access to the abortion pill Milwaukee, WI
4/23/23 Reproductive Justice Action – Milwaukee joins Coalition to March on the DNC Milwaukee, WI
3/16/23 On International Women’s Day, Milwaukee says, “Hands off our bodies, hands off our families” Milwaukee, WI
4/23/23 Major victory in the struggle against police crimes in Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI
5/07/23 Milwaukee: Fight underway to combat repressive Wisconsin Republicans’ shared revenue proposal Milwaukee, WI
2/26/23 Milwaukee: Justice for Keishon Thomas! Indict all officers involved! Milwaukee, WI
3/22/23 Picketing Milwaukee Sheriff for justice, transparency and end to in-custody deaths Milwaukee, WI
5/03/23 Reproductive Justice Action Milwaukee calls for protests on the 1-year anniversary of Roe v. Wade overturn Milwaukee, WI
6/02/23 Milwaukee Alliance pickets Mayor Johnson’s home to demand a fair shared revenue plan Milwaukee, WI
4/04/23 Milwaukee rallies for abortion access ahead of important spring ballot initiative Milwaukee, WI
2/05/23 Minnesota: SDS rallies in -20 to protest killings by police Minneapolis, MN
5/28/23 $26,000 pledged at online FRSO fundraising event Minneapolis, MN
3/05/23 March on DC to say no to U.S. war in Ukraine Minneapolis, MN
4/03/23 $17,000 raised in FRSO Spring Fundraising Drive Minneapolis, MN
4/24/23 Climate Justice Committee marches for Earth Day and to oppose Hiawatha expansion Minneapolis, MN
3/04/23 MN Cuba car caravan demands ‘Hey Biden, here’s the gist - take Cuba off the terrorism list!’ Minneapolis, MN
3/17/23 Minnesota: Chased by police, body of Khalil Azad found severely bruised in suburban lake Minneapolis, MN
2/17/23 SDS denounces U of MN administration response to rally for abortion access Minneapolis, MN
3/07/23 Community rallies against environmental racism, opposes Roof Depot demolition Minneapolis, MN
2/12/23 After the earthquake: End the U.S. war on Syria once and for all Minneapolis, MN
5/10/23 Minneapolis rallies to free Alex Saab and all political prisoners! Minneapolis, MN
2/10/23 Divestment movement targets MN State Board of Investment Minneapolis, MN
5/19/23 Despite threats, Nelson Mandela’s grandson makes important visit to Minneapolis Minneapolis, MN
4/07/23 Minneapolis: MPD consent decree falls short and keeps power out of community hands Minneapolis, MN
2/05/23 Minnesota: SDS rallies in -20 to protest killings by police Minneapolis, MN