Tuesday December 1, 2020
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7/11/20 Grand Rapids demands ‘Justice for Vanessa Guillen!’ Grand Rapids, MI
8/09/20 Stagehands push for $600 unemployment benefit Grand Rapids, MI
6/06/20 Police brutality protesters gather in Lansing and Grand Rapids Grand Rapids, MI
7/11/20 Grand Rapids demands ‘Justice for Vanessa Guillen!’ Grand Rapids, MI
9/04/20 Stagehands to hold Labor Day “Push for $600” in Michigan Grand Rapids, MI
1/06/20 Grand Rapids, MI protest against war with Iran Grand Rapids, MI
7/24/20 Michigan workers demand $600 unemployment from U.S. Rep. Huizenga Grandville, MI
6/14/20 Thousands of Greek protesters sent message: “I can’t breathe. Break the chains of exploitation!” Greece
6/02/20 Greece: “Solidarity with the Struggle of the Workers and People of USA Against Barbarism” Greece
8/19/20 Green Bay police videos prompt march for Black lives Green Bay, WI
7/08/20 Oneida Nation holds memorial ride, rally, for indigenous man killed by Green Bay police Green Bay, WI
6/23/20 Coalition to March on the DNC plans Trump protest in Green Bay, WI Green Bay, WI
11/04/20 Green Bay, WI: Vigil and caravan for Donna Christensen and missing, murdered indigenous women Green Bay, WI
6/26/20 Protest demanding end to police crimes meets Trump visit in Green Bay, WI Green Bay, WI
9/18/20 Anti-police crimes group demands Green Bay Packers honor memory of Jonathon Tubby Green Bay, WI
5/11/20 Wisconsin: COVID – 19 outbreaks at Brown County meat packing plants show hypocrisy of “essential worker” designation Green Bay, WI
3/17/20 Report from China: COVID-19 a tale of two systems Guangdong, China
2/07/20 Israeli troops kill anti-Trump protester Hebron, Palestine
6/07/20 Houston protests police murder of George Floyd Houston, TX
7/13/20 Texas protests demand: ‘Junk Philippine terror law’ Houston, TX
1/08/20 WFTU solidarity statement with all-India general strike India
6/02/20 Solidarity with U.S. protests in India India
5/13/20 WFTU announcement about the effects of COVID-19 pandemic in Arab countries International
4/09/20 Interview with Italian communists on COVID-19 impact and the working class Italy
3/12/20 Italy: The communists’ efforts in the coronavirus outbreak Italy