Friday August 28, 2015
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6/24/15 Social Forum brings together people's struggles San Jose, CA
3/30/15 SLC activists demand freedom from ICE detention for transwoman Nicoll Hernández-Polanco Salt Lake City, UT
1/15/15 Selma: A chronicle of Dr. King’s campaign for equal voting rights via the epic march from Selma to Montgomery Chicago, IL
5/19/15 Seattle teachers demand school funding, holding one-day strike Seattle, Washington
3/02/15 SDS Statement in Solidarity with Anti-Right to Work Protests in Wisconsin Wisconsin
8/19/15 Scott Walker greeted by protesters in Minnesota Saint Paul, MN
3/04/15 Scholars urge dropping the charges against Mall of America Black Lives Matter protesters Minneapolis
6/12/15 Saudis won’t get their way in Yemen talks Chicago, IL
1/30/15 Saudi oil and U.S. hypocrisy United States
3/17/15 Sanctions against Iran, Russian and Venezuela are the result of 'spring fever' in the USA Russia
5/19/15 Salt Lake City stands with Palestine on Nakba day Salt Lake City, UT
1/02/15 Salt Lake City protests police brutality on New Year's Eve Salt Lake City, UT
8/20/15 Salt Lake City breaks bread in solidarity with Rasmea Odeh Salt Lake City, UT
3/18/15 Salt Lake City activists stand with Rasmea Odeh Salt Lake City, UT
6/05/15 Revolutionaries in Philippines hit with arrests, trumpeted up charges Philippines
2/25/15 Republicans shove ‘Right to Work’ through Senate labor committee Madison, WI
7/09/15 Rasmea's prosecutors tell appeals court: ‘Deny a full defense to survivor of rape and torture’ Chicago, IL
7/23/15 Rasmea Odeh’s legal team files new brief, appeals fight continues Chicago, IL
3/10/15 Rasmea Odeh's speech at International Women’s Day event in Chicago Chicago, IL
2/16/15 Rasmea Odeh speaks to Tucson, Arizona solidarity activists Tucson, AZ
6/30/15 Rally outside Duval County courthouse demands 'Justice for D'Angelo Stallworth' Jacksonville, FL
7/02/15 Racist attacks on southern Black churches Chicago, IL
4/27/15 Protests continue in Baltimore demanding justice for Freddie Gray, National Guard called in Baltimore, MD
4/23/15 Protests continue against Baltimore’s killer cops Baltimore, MD
2/27/15 Protests against Wisconsin ‘right to work’ set for Saturday  Madison, WI