Saturday August 29, 2015
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1/25/15 Michigan workers hurt by ‘right to work’ laws Grand Rapids, MI
4/30/15 Michigan truck drivers, warehouse workers rally for union at Sysco Grand Rapids, MI
7/05/15 The referendum in Greece and the struggle against austerity Greece
6/29/15 Greek communists speak out on July 5 referendum Greece
7/01/15 Greece: The Trade Unions To Organize Militant Response Greece
8/24/15 Communist Party of Greece on the early election Greece
7/07/15 Communist Party of Greece against anti-people consensus of capitalist parties Greece
7/06/15 Communist Party of Greece on the result of the referendum Greece
6/22/15 Massive demonstrations planned in Greece Greece
7/21/15 International solidarity with the Communist Party of Greece Greece
5/06/15 Massive May Day march in Cuba Havana, Cuba
8/10/15 Militant Texas protest for Sandra Bland and victims of police brutality Hempstead, TX
5/03/15 May Day in Houston demands worker and immigrant rights Houston, TX
3/27/15 Texas Republicans propose ‘Show me your papers’ law, racially profile Chicanos and others Houston, TX
4/30/15 Houston activists protest Republican attack on Chicanos/Mexicanos Houston, TX
4/30/15 Houston activists stand in solidarity with Baltimore uprising Houston, TX
4/18/15 Working people in Houston demand $15 minimum wage Houston, TX
1/24/15 UN condemns Israeli home demolition rampage Israel
5/25/15 Massive memorial service for Jacksonville man killed by police Jacksonville
7/29/15 Jacksonville holds vigil for Sandra Bland Jacksonville, FL
5/30/15 Jacksonville marches to demand justice for D’Angelo Stallworth Jacksonville, FL
5/17/15 Jacksonville rallies for D'angelo Stallworth, father and UPS employee murdered by cops Jacksonville, FL
6/30/15 Rally outside Duval County courthouse demands 'Justice for D'Angelo Stallworth' Jacksonville, FL
7/22/15 Protest slams Florida judge for limiting press freedom Jacksonville, FL
7/11/15 UPS, ALEC behind anti-worker laws like Right to Work Jacksonville, FL