Thursday April 24, 2014
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3/18/14 Immigrant struggle for drivers licenses heats up in Minnesota Minneapolis, MN
4/18/14 Minnesota SDS protest confronts war criminal Condoleezza Rice Minneapolis, MN
2/23/14 Fight Back! editor speaks on U.S. ‘pivot to Asia’ Minneapolis, MN
1/01/14 Anti-war leader hails release of Lynne Stewart Minneapolis, MN
3/17/14 Minneapolis protests growing danger of a new cold war and U.S. intervention Minneapolis, MN
2/27/14 Youth in Nashville rally to end racial profiling and racist attacks Nashville, TN
4/02/14 UPS starts firing drivers, outrage spreads New York, NY
4/09/14 New York Local 804 Teamsters fight back, force UPS to rehire drivers New York, NY
3/06/14 UPS escalates worker repression, issues working discharges to 249 NYC strikers New York, NY
4/03/14 Teamsters, supporters rally at NY city hall for fired UPS drivers New York, NY
4/09/14 New York Local 804 Teamsters fight back, force UPS to rehire drivers New York, NY
2/26/14 New York UPS workers strike to protest unjust firing New York, NY
3/07/14 New York students protest education cuts New York, NY
1/12/14 Reflections on Amiri Baraka Newark, NJ
2/27/14 March commemorates Trayvon Martin killing Newark, NJ
2/16/14 Newark Airport workers rally for higher wages and economic justice Newark, NJ
3/04/14 Interview on United We Dream Congress, hunger strike Orlando, FL
3/21/14 Palestinian Authority told to end repression against Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine Palestine
1/11/14 Israeli war criminal Ariel Sharon dies Palestine
1/15/14 PFLP: 12 years on since the arrest of Ahmad Sa’adat and his comrades Palestine
2/02/14 PFLP leader Ahmad Sa’adat transferred to Gilboa prison by Israeli authorities Palestine
3/30/14 Land Day: PFLP calls for national struggle to defend and liberate the entire land of Palestine Palestine
1/06/14 PFLP: Kerry proposals aim to liquidate Palestinian right to return Palestine
3/23/14 Filipino Communists condemn arrest of leaders carrying out disaster relief Philippines
1/22/14 Arizona protest wins, opposes racist Republican agenda Phoenix, AZ