Wednesday November 21, 2018
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Published Title Location
2/02/18 NDFP strongly condemns illegal arrest of NDFP consultant Rafael Baylosis and companion Philippines
2/02/18 New York rallies for Ahed Tamimi’s birthday New York, NY
2/02/18 Members of the Saint Paul Federation of Teachers take strike vote St. Paul, MN
2/01/18 Jacksonville protests Confederate monuments, demands “Take ‘em down” Jacksonville, FL
1/29/18 Tallahassee counter-protest against white supremacists Tallahassee, FL
1/28/18 Free Ahed Tamimi, Nariman Tamimi and all political prisoners! Palestine
1/27/18 Larry Nassar: U.S-made monster Los Angeles, CA
1/27/18 Quid pro quo: Operation Pacific Eagle-Philippines in exchange for support to Duterte’s corrupt and criminal rule Philippines
1/26/18 Tampa students say: “Bash Trump’s Racism and Austerity” Tampa, FL
1/26/18 Protest on day one of Jason Van Dyke trial Chicago, IL
1/24/18 Minnesota Fight Back! fundraiser nets $2600 Minneapolis, MN
1/24/18 Denver Women’s March Denver, CO
1/24/18 Jaime Hauad, victim of Chicago cop torture, released from prison Chicago, IL
1/23/18 Oshkosh, WI protest marks one year of Trump Osh Kosh, WI
1/22/18 Thousands turn out for Dallas Women's March Dallas, TX
1/21/18 Young People’s Resistance Committee joins Milwaukee’s Women’s March Milwaukee WI
1/21/18 Book review: A Threat of the First Magnitude, FBI Counterintelligence & Infiltration from the Communist Party to the Revolutionary Union 1962-1974 United States
1/21/18 Salt Lake City protests one year of Trump Salt Lake City, UT
1/21/18 New York protests one year of Trump New York, NY
1/21/18 Palestinians demand ‘Free Ahed Tamimi’ at Chicago Women’s March Chicago, IL
1/21/18 Minnesota protests on 1-year anniversary of Trump’s inauguration Minneapolis, MN
1/20/18 Hezbollah warns Israel against building separation wall Palestine
1/19/18 Partial government shutdown looms amidst Republican dogfight San Jose, CA
1/19/18 NYC protesters rally against U.S.-led wars, imperialism New York, NY
1/18/18 NYC panel on political repression and the Trump administration New York, NY